Asset condition monitoring

Real time diagnostics

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Remagine at a glance

Remagine is an innovative production efficiency service company offering solutions for industrial manufacturers and commercial building owners via a unique combination of measuring hardware and cloud-based reporting software.


Our unique and innovative service is able to predict machine breakdowns, monitor machine capacity utilization in real-time and helps solving power quality issues.

Why Remagine

  1. Smart Data for a Smart Factory
  2. Non-invasive diagnostics
  3. Utilizes the Current Signature Analysis approach
  4. Easy applicable for any production equipment of any age
  5. User-friendly software tools built on state-of-the-art technologies

Amazing new asset diagnostic approach

The diagnostic solution is able to identify not only the appliances from their electricity consumption pattern, but their status as well (productive / non-productive, normal / abnormal).

Member of Hungarian Electrotechnical Association


About Industry 4.0

The next industrial revolution named “smart manufacturing” in the USA and “Industry 4.0” in Europe, lies directly ahead and will likely prove to be a source of huge opportunities. The Internet is combining with intelligent machines, systems production and processes to form a sophisticated network.

It emphasizes the idea of consistent digitization and linking of all productive units in an economy. Moving toward Industry 4.0 makes it possible to preserve a sustainable industry, develop qualified employees, support energy transition and adapt to large-scale customization. IT systems will be built around machines, storage systems and supplies that adhere to a defined standard and are linked up as cyber-physical systems (CPS). These can be controlled in real-time.

Source: Roland Berger GmbH, 2014

Photo: Accenture

Key platform features

  • Programmable diagnostic devices

    Power Analyzer is the only affordable electrical measurement device on the market which users can program to different applications. It contains additional computing power to even run more apps in parallel.

  • Wireless IoT connection

    Thanks to the flexible wireless mesh technology, the diagnostic device network could be installed in very diverse environments.

  • Secure data flow

    Your data is secured through the full system. From where it is generated (Power Analyzer), concentrated and buffered (Concentrator) to where it is analyzed and displayed (Insight). We use a strong AES256 encryption.

  • Cloud based reporting

    Our analytical and reporting software, Remagine Insight is a cloud based solution built on latest technologies like Java2EE, Big Data data storage, stream processing, etc.