5 Big Benefits of Load Volume Scanners

If you have heard about load volume scanners and are looking to learn a little bit more about the benefits that they can provide, hopefully, this article will answer any questions you may have.

Hundreds of companies all over the world have embraced load volume scanners and the benefits that they bring compared to traditional truck scale systems. However, some are still a little bit hesitant about adopting this technology for their business. One such company is LoadScan, which is a company that specializes in helping those that use traditional truck loading.

Traditional truck loading systems simply cannot compete with the more cost-effective, efficient, portable and accuracy of load volume scanners. This technology will scan all truckloads, provide 3d imagery and determine the weight of the load while also keeping tabs of stockpile amounts using its stockpile management feature.

This technology will also allow you to load materials more efficiently and will dramatically streamline your whole loading processes. To help you understand just what the main benefits of these load volume scanners can bring, we have listed them below.

  • Increased Productivity – Load volume scanners will dramatically improve productivity due to being able to scan truckloads as they pass beneath. The scanners will be able to accurately determine the weight of a load by converting the volumetric measurements and converting them into weight measurements.

  • More Efficient Truckloads – Using the 3D imagery that this technology provides will let you establish just how well loads have been position on the trucks. You can then use this data to make more efficient use of the space on the truck.

  • Portable and Easy to Install – Another great benefit of load volume scanners is that they are portable, can be moved with ease and can also be set up within a matter of minutes.  A load volume scanner will also be able to handle a variety of different applications such as mining or conveyor systems.

  • Cost-Efficient – Did you know that a load volume scanner is actually a lot cheaper to buy when compared to traditional truck scale systems? On top of that, the added efficiency that a load volume scanner will bring means that you also saving money through using them.

  • Stockpile Management Features – Another benefit to using load volume scanners is that they will have a stockpile management feature. This will be able to automatically monitor and manage stockpiles whenever more are added or removed. You will always know exactly how much of any material you have on-site despite many loads coming and going.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to using this load volume scanning technology for your business. Traditional truck scales certainly do the job but when you consider the cost-savings and efficiency that load volume scanners provide, there really is no contest between the two systems.

If you are still unconvinced, you do not need to even purchase one as you can simply rent one out to see the benefits that it can have for your business. Having tried them out, you can then decide whether to stick with your traditional scales systems or embrace the more modern and efficient load volume scanners for your company.