Advice on Choosing Web Hosting- Do You Want to Google Web Hosting?

Google Web Hosting sounds like a very trusting name for web hosting because it seems to be associated with Google, but considering Google for web hosting of your small business is not a wise decision to make when you have abetter solution. Read along before you make your decision.

The Google Web Hosting Plans

Google is a name that tops the industry with its products and services. In the field of web hosting, Google might not be the best name to go with.

  • The price of Google web hosting is the only best part as it is free. But at this price, you have thelimitation of 20MB for attachments and 100MB for your website.
  • You can avail more than one websites and link them, but this is not very fruitful for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Think Before You Choose Google Web Hosting

  • Google web hosting is also known as the Google sites; this might be a reason for confusion if you are planning to subscribe to Google web hosting for your website.
  • As Google web hosting is free, you don’t actually own the posts and pages that you publish. You are required to redirect in order to use the domain name. This means Google owns all the content you publish on your site.
  • Google web hosting has pretty easy features which will enable anyone to create a website without much knowledge. This not a specialty as almost every website hosting service provides these facilities which are drag and drop and building options.

Downside of Google Web Hosting Service

You can refer to review ‘Google Web Hosting – 2017- Do you Really Want Them?’ to have a clearer opinion about the matter. But here are the absolute downsides of having to Google web hosting service.

  • Limited disk space
  • Cookie cutter present
  • Limited bandwidth
  • No authority of published content
  • Limited template designs
  • A lot of HTML tags cannot be used

Choosing a smart and all-rounder web hosting service is quite a catch. Just choosing a service because of free hosting is not beneficial for your business or e-commerce websites. The limited possibilities, in turn, increase the budget. Want to have an alternative of Google web hosting with amazing facilities, go through DailyHosting reviews to choose one for you.