All You Need To Know About MLtek and How to Contact Them

MLtek started in 2003 by Mark Laverty. Mark for almost 10 years worked in the IT part of computer science. It was at this point that Mark saw several holes in the market of focused software solutions for the most common IT problems. Often the products that were currently on the market seemed to be very over-priced as well as very complex for just a simple problem.

Innovative solutions

Since 2003 MLtek has been developing innovative resolutions for simple IT problems confronted by companies and organizations around the globe including the Europe, US and just about every other country. They specialize in developing software that resolves big problems in very simple ways. Archive Manager, Ultimate Monitor and Process Controller are all programs developed by using this approach.

File management

The best known of these software solutions is Archive Manager which is targeted, simple to use and cleanly designed to focus on one problem. This file management solution has no features that are unnecessary – it does a specific task and is engineered to be that task with efficiency.

Free license

MLtek is so sure that you will love this program they will let you try it out with a free license to the entire program. They do this because they are certain after you try it a few times, you will come back and buy Archive Manager.

Email addresses

They also want you to email them with your opinion on whatever email address you feel is most appropriate –

Support Enquiries at

Pre-sales Enquiries at

Post-sales Enquiries at

The company does try to respond within 12 hours – irrespective of when they receive the email.

You can also contact here for all feedback, sales enquiries, questions, or just to tell them what a great product they have.

Phone messages

You also can reachMLtek by phone at +44 (0)844 4458182. Often our very dynamic schedule means that our hours in the office vary daily. If we are unable to take your call directly you can be reassured that your message will be responded to within a maximum of 24 hours.

You can also leave feedback for us at