Features of an Ideal Timesheet

A timesheet isn’t just about putting tasks and time before them but it is much more than that. It helps in better management, organization and thus in more efficient running of an organization. But you need to get the best timesheet if you want to see it the way you want it to function. An ideal timesheet is one that will make noting of tasks and tracking time easier and more manageable. You can get an idea as to how a purposeful timesheet should be by looking at the freelance timesheet available online.

An ideal timesheet is one that covers many features

It should be able to track time: It should have provisions to track time of employees in a planned manner. The employees should be able to put in their clock in and out time as and when they start or finish their work. It should also be able to take notes on how many productive hours are spent by employees and on which tasks. One of the main purposes of a timesheet is to help employees manage their duties more efficiently in such a manner that it can increase their productivity but at the same time, does not cause workload or work deficiency. Thus, the best timesheet is one that makes both the employer and the employees happier.

It should help you in scheduling: A timesheet has spots for employees to mark their availability and non-availability. There will be places to notify about leaves, holidays, training period and so on. This helps managers to know the availability of employees beforehand and thereby schedule tasks accordingly. This helps in preventing wasting of time. Thus, if it is known that on certain day, only few employees are available, then important tasks can be prioritized and allotted to those available.

It should help in payroll: Preparation of payroll is where there needs to be 100% efficiency as any mistakes in it mean an employee is not paid as per his work or some extra money is lost because the number of hours was not put up correctly. Both are not helpful to the company. If every month the company loses money thus, then on an annual basis, the amount will be huge and unbearable. A timesheet will enable managers to convert the accurate data available into payroll reports.

It should help in freelance management: One of the major tasks for a HR manager is to handle freelancers. A timesheet such as freelance timesheet can be of help in managing the work, the hours spent by freelancers on a certain project and so on more efficiently.

It should help in project management: An ideal timesheet is one that helps in seamless project management by notifying about how a project is worked on, the number of personnel working on it, the time taken or the hours spent on it each day, the cost to the company thus and so on. The best benefit of an ideal timesheet is that it helps companies get the accurate cost and efforts needed to put for a certain project.