Financial Services CRM: How to Stay in Trend

The introduction of financial services crm is a prerequisite for financial institutions that want to evolve and keep pace with the time. The systems allow organizing effective work in the basic directions of the bank’s activity – sales, marketing and customer service.

In order to survive in a rapidly changing financial services market, banks need to change and adapt quickly. Revision of the product line, more precise segmentation of customers, cost optimization and improvement of work with corporate clients are those tasks that cannot be managed without the introduction of an automated banking system.

Modern systems for automating banking activities cover all three priority areas for the development of financial services – marketing, sales of banking products and customer service.

The Objectives of the Introduction of Financial Services Crm

  • Sales management, including planning and analysis.

Speaking about sales it is necessary to take into account a large number of corporate clients, the territorial remoteness of branches from the head office, a wide range of services and products for large and investment businesses. For high-quality customer service in these conditions, you need to have full information about them.

  • Managing work time and improving employee performance.

Automated banking system manages the sequence of tasks completed by managers. As a manager, you can always monitor all actions of employees, analyze their work with clients. With the system, you will always be sure that all employees, both experienced and new employees, both in the central office and in the branches, work in accordance with well-established automated processes.

  • Customer information management.

All the information necessary for attracting and developing clients is stored and available in a single information field. The manager can easily view the client’s financial indicators, its relationships with other customers, the history of communication, product portfolio, preferences and so on.

When You Need an Automated System in a Bank

Financial services crm will help organize work in such key areas the financial institution’s work.

Organization the Contact Center’s Work

Let’s do a simple test on the effectiveness of your contact center: the customer addressed a non-trivial question about the design of a particular product. After a while he called back to make some additions. In a good contact center, the operator will see the entire history of the previous communication with the client and in a few seconds will record the changes in circulation, in a bad way – will force the client to state the essence of the matter again.

Automation of Processes

Financial services crm allows you to organize effective work with clients in arrears on credit, to automate the processes of Soft Collection, Hard Collection, Legal Collection and cooperation with external collection companies. The system will formulate a sequence of tasks for each type of debt, and also form a package of documents needed to transfer the debt to the court or the partner-collector.

 Attraction and Development of Clients

Automated banking system allows you to organize the process of attracting and developing the bank’s customers – both individuals and legal entities. The system will help manage the entire process of lending and bank product design, develop and retain customers, offering additional services and products, developing relationships with VIP clients.