High-Quality Conversion from MOV

Don’t you hate it when videos from your friends’ iPhone won’t open in some programs on your Windows PC? That’s because their format by default is MOV, developed by Apple and in order to edit or view them you will have to install additional codecs.

Another way out would be to convert MOV to MP4, WMV, AVI or any other format supported by your platform or software. And, as practice shows, it is much faster and easier. Movavi Video Converter is a handy program that quickly solves this kind of problem: with its help, you can change the file format and enhance it as well.

Uploading files

Add multiple files that you need to convert to the program manually, or automate the whole process. It can be done with the help of Watch Folder function: all you have to do is specify the conversion parameters and the folder where you keep your files. In this way, the format of all videos in the folder will be changed automatically as soon as they are put in it.

Choosing the output format

Besides MP4, there are plenty of other output formats. AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLV – the list is quite impressive. Plus, you can choose any audio (MP3, WAV, etc) or graphic format (JPEG, PNG, GIF and more).

Those who prefer to playback video and audio on their mobile devices may make use of a whole range of presets for more than 200 models – smartphones, tablets, even TVs. Before you begin the conversion, you can connect the gadget to your computer and the converter will recommend the appropriate preset. Or you can just find it on the list.

Editing multimedia

Most of the time, videos shot on a smartphone have wrong screen orientation or experience other kinds of problems like jitter or visual noise. These issues can be easily fixed before the conversion. When you open the built-in editor you will see several tabs:

  • Stabilization

This tool will help you reduce camera shake in your videos.

  • Audio

Here you can change or normalize the volume and eliminate background noise.

  • Adjustments

In this tab you will find everything concerning the visuals. Enhance saturation, hue, brightness and contrast by hand or use automatic corrections. You can also reduce the level of digital noise in videos shot in poor light conditions.

  • Subtitles

Add your own subtitles or delete unnecessary languages. Synchronize them with video and adjust their position on the screen as well.

  • Watermark

Protect your videos or photos adding a watermark in the corner (or place it right in the center, if you want to). It can be a caption or an image and you can choose its opacity.

  • Crop

Use this tool to cut away the edges changing the image’s aspect ratio.

  • Rotate

This will change the orientation of your video or picture.

  • Trim

Change the length of the track, trimming it from both ends or cutting out some parts from the middle.

Converting files

However, if your files don’t need editing you can skip the whole thing and get to the conversion itself. It is a really fast process mainly because of the following 3 reasons:

  1. Support for latest Intel and NVIDIA technologies
  2. Smart converting algorithm that makes you processor work in the most efficient way
  3. SuperSpeed mode for instant lossless conversion.

Generally speaking, Movavi Video Converter is one of the fastest programs for multimedia conversion and it also provides the best possible quality for your resulting files. So, the problems with the MOV format will fade away!