How to Find Out That Your SEO Agency Is Useful or Incompetent?


Many small businesses put their trust and money in SEO companies and very few get exactly what they needed or expected from the entire campaign. In fact, some had their sites destroyed. Many start-up companies have spent lot of money to find out that they have been scammed ultimately.

The two things that you need to know here are:

  • Signs showing the SEO agency you hired is hurting you
  • Signs that show that the firm is helping you

When you hire an SEO firm you should not leave on them everything. Instead, you should be aware of exactly what they are doing especially in the first few months. Gather details by visiting

Signs an SEO firm is hurting you

  1. They have nothing to display

Even when it is early months, the SEO company that you hired should have something to show. This does not mean that you ask for results or ranking, but you can ask for

  • SEO audit of your site
  • An analysis of the link profile of your site
  • Articles that have been published on other sites having links to yours
  • Optimized content on your site
  1. They have nothing to ask you

An SEO agency needs to ask you the following things because they need your help to do good stuff.

  • Editor or admin access to your CMS
  • Access to Google Webmaster Tools
  • View or admin access to Google Analytics
  • Access to social media accounts
  • A list of target keywords
  • About past audits, penalties or work done in this field
  1. The do not have any suggestions for improvements

If the SEO agency that you have hired is not asking you to do few things according to their calculations or they show no interest in interacting with you, this means that they are either doing nothing or doing in the wrong way.

The SEO services Toronto view their relationship with clients as partners. This means they will provide recommendations and you will have to work with them.

  1. They do not share their techniques

Since the agency is working on search engine marketing for your firm, you have all the rights to know what and how they are doing it. If there is no proper answer to your queries or if the agency’s representative says he will get back to you with answers, there is an indication that they are not professionals.

  1. If you get a manual penalty

Although this does not mean that the whole and sole responsibility is of the SEO agency that you hired, but you need to do some serious thinking and discussion with them as well.

  1. Your ranking and traffic drops

Ranking drops for various reasons, but you need to have a close watch if this happens. As far as traffic is concerned, drop in traffic signifies algorithm penalty, which is not good.

Additional signs that show that your SEO agency is not working properly include if you start ranking for wrong keywords and your link profile seems messed up. So, if you find out that the firm is hurting you, have patience and look for a reliable one. The success of failure of your online business depends largely on search engine optimization.