How to unlock the artifacts and get them

Fans of the computer game World of Warcraft know that the character does not always have enough weapons, equipment for serious battles. The game may not be interesting. That this does not happen, you have the opportunity to go to the site and buy a boost to the level of the character boost wow. This will make it possible to continue the game at a higher level, while enjoying the maximum enjoyment from the process.

The course of the game is influenced by many factors. One such is the presence or absence of a weapon, object or thing. These include artifacts that have a direct impact on the game process. These are worn things, the appearance of which can be changed, because each of them has 24 guises. But there are several conditions to unlock them.

  1. One of the important conditions is to reach the 110th level, although you can get a weapon on the hundredth.
  2. First of all, you need to unlock the main shape (model) until the color opens.
  3. By removing the block from the external appearance it can be used in the weapons smithy, which is owned by the strongholds of your class.
  4. You can apply the appearance of another weapon to the artifacts, all the rules will be preserved.
  5. The images from which the lock will be removed are available to all specializations of the character (it does not apply to the entire account).
  6. Some forms of weapons have the ability to change it, for example, from a gunshot to a bow or vice versa.

There are several types of artifacts.

  • Classical.
  • Improved.
  • Valorous
  • Hardened
  • Hidden.
  • Unrealized.

All of them have several colors (from one to four), a different level of complexity, because for obtaining the colors themselves, certain requirements are put forward. To obtain them, you must perform various actions and tasks (dig out rare species of fossils, defeat bosses or pass dungeons).

Each execution has a different difficulty level. Hardened kind of artifact weapons has only one color. Not all kinds of artifacts are added to the game, some of them will be placed in the game later.

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