Latest technology trends to rock the tech world

We are living in a whirlpool of technology today, where none of us can remain unaffected by the tricky touches of technology. Gone are those days when mobile phones were only confined and destined for the fortunate few rather than being spread throughout the mass.

Today, there is hardly a soul in the city that is not using a mobile phone and the scenario is such, that very soon, this picture is going to be same for the suburbs and villages as well. Owing to the various advantages of Smartphones such as ease in transfer of files from one device to another, payment of bills, booking of cabs and tickets, banking and financial transactions, sharing of information amongst one another, staying connected with friends and family, getting the best form of entertainment, so on and so forth.

Intechbuzz just tries to gather all kinds of technology related facts under one roof to the maximum possible extent by giving very useful technology tips in the domain of apps, games, social media, blogging, latest software updates, apps for PC and many more. Although it is impossible to bring in the whole world, yet, it is always worth a try. Therefore, let us now take a walk around the latest application development trends that are going to hit the market.Image result for Latest technology trends to rock the tech world

  • Cross Platform app development: This is going to be the trendiest technology evolution in the modern world, which has already taken its flight by the development of apps for PC along with apps suited for all kinds of platforms such as Windows, iOS as well as for the mobiles, tablets, laptops and personal computers. There was a time when the apps in the Smartphones did not run in the desktop computers and laptops or iOS apps did not run in the Android phones but today, with the ‘cross-platform’ application development, this will be a forgotten era.

  • Mobile Customer Relationship Management: How spectacular it would be if the enormous social media information could be transported through various CRM tools and used for marketing purposes! Yes, as Intechbuzz says, this too is no more going to be a dream anymore with the development of various mobile CRM tools that will enable in tapping the huge marketing potential of appropriate customer relationship management.

  • Superb Security: With the increase of digitalization in every sphere of life, all kinds of online movements today are made through this medium such as doing financial transactions like payment of bills, funds transfer, mobile recharge and many more using internet banking, credit and debit cards, etc. Therefore, there are high chances of identity theft and phishing by the hackers spread throughout the world, who get hold of all kinds of sensitive information such as passwords, PINs and OTPs that can lead to massive financial losses. Hence, the need of the hour is adequate security features that are going to shield the hardworking man’s digital domain.

Apart from the above, data visualization and consolidation of apps are also amongst the emerging trends in the field of technology. It is therefore, wise to have complete knowledge about the most up-to-date technology tips to stay ahead in terms of technology.