Looking for a reliable PAT testing brand

Many companies rely on PAT testing to pass vital health and safety audits, and some companies undertake PAT testing as a business so it is important when looking for a piece of PAT testing equipment that you find a brand that is going to be easy to use and reliable. There are a few standout brands that are well known for consistency, and Megger is one of them.

Who are Megger?

Megger started in 1858, as a company called Evershed and Vignoles. As well as manufacturing products, they also hold several patents for products they have invented themselves. Megger operates all over the world, and although they started off as a UK company they are now incredibly popular in the USA. They also sponsor first years at the University of Kent, which is a long standing partnership.

Megger own the intellectual property rights to many electrical testing designs, but perhaps their most famous one is for their Megger insulation tester, which is now over 100 years old. The history of electronic testing is interwoven with Megger, which is perhaps what makes it one of the most famous and reliable brands.

What to look for in a reliable PAT tester

To find the perfect PAT tester for the type of work you will be undertaking, you will need to consider a few things. Megger cover a number of different PAT testing appliances. There are numerous factors to consider when ensuring that you get the correct PAT tester.

You also need to take into consideration on what scale you are PAT testing. Do things just need PAT testing in your office, or are you actually going to start a PAT testing company?

How long will you be on the job/jobs for?

Megger PAT testers, mainly the most popular PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450, offer a significant amount of on board memory. This is one of the reason that Megger constantly get good reviews, as between this and their excellent battery life you do not need to worry about losing information if you have a day filled with different jobs.

What type of test do you need to do?

Megger offer a number of different test solutions, so if you only need to carry out the most basic bond test at 200mA, then you do not need to waste money getting a tester that you do not require. Megger have a range that go all the way up to three bond testing solutions, so if you do require a more throughout test, you can just select the appliance tester that suits your needs.

Have Megger got good reviews?

Megger are a very well known brand, and if you move in circles where you need to carry out PAT testing often, then you will be more than aware of who they are. Many people find that they return to Megger time and time again because of the reliability that they offer at such a reasonable price. You only need to do a web search for reviews to see how well known they are for being leaders in the market.

What other products do Megger do to compliment their PAT testers?

Megger do a range of different things to compliment their PAT testers, including full kits, like their popular ‘business in a box’ kit, which is a solution for anyone wanting to start their own PAT testing business on a small scale at first.