Most Lucrative Industries for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing might not be as enormously popular as it was a few years ago, but it’s still a multi-billion dollar industry from which you can make a supplementary income. It’s always a good idea to become an affiliate marketer in a niche for which you already have a personal interest, but consider also the industries which have proven evergreen for affiliate marketing success…

Gaming / Online Poker

Online gaming has long been one of the most popular industries for affiliate marketing, and with the surging popularity of esports (also known as competitive gaming), it is only getting bigger. Igaming (also known as online gambling)is popular in almost all markets, with an estimated 100 million online poker players worldwide. With the vast number of online poker and casino software available, players want to know that they’re signing up to the best site with the best bonuses. The industry is no longer just limited to online games, either, as the demand for poker apps is becoming more common.  Esports tournaments, meanwhile, are attracting up to 30 million online spectators. Coupled with the fact that igaming laws are becoming more relaxed in many US states and Asia – this is an industry with a lot of affiliate opportunities in the near future.Image result for Most Lucrative Industries for Affiliate Marketing

Financial Services / Cryptocurrencies

Many people turn to Google in search for answers to their financial queries. Whether they’re searching for advice, trustworthy loan services, online banking or want to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin – most of them will want reviews and comparisons before reaching a decision on which service is best for them. Marketing useful information and services to these people can be a highly profitable means of affiliate marketing. However there are, understandably, a great deal of rules and regulations surrounding the marketing of financial services, which is something to keep in mind.

Online Education / Courses

Studying online courses has become an increasingly common way of getting an education, with open university degrees recognized the world over. Nowadays, anyone can offer and promote their own courses and tutorials online. The business of online education is particularly attractive for affiliate marketers because of its wide range of niches. Whatever type of website you have, chances are there will courses related to its topicality which you can advertise. Online education is a fast-growing business which is predicted to grow exponentially over the next decade.

Dating / Romance

The online dating sector has traditionally also offered many affiliate programs. With such a large number of dating sites, people typically research which one or two will suit them the best, rather than sign up to as many as possible. Whilst it will be difficult to compete with the biggest dating affiliate and review sites, there are good opportunities for focusing on niche dating. Examples of niche dating include dating sites for the elderly, single parents, vegans or location-specific dating. Countless types of interests and lifestyles can make for niche dating, so there exists a huge number of sites for which you can become an affiliate marketer.

Health & Wellness / Beauty

One of the most profitable industries for affiliate marketing is of course health and beauty – in particular, diet and nutrition products. The weight loss industry alone is worth billions of dollars in the US. A great number of online diet books, diet coaching and meal plans rely primarily on affiliate marketing. Almost 72% of young people research cosmetics online before making a purchase, which places a demand for informative reviews and comparison guides. The health and wellness industry, meanwhile, has long been profitable online, as medical conditions are often private matters and many therefore prefer to buy medications and remedies on the internet. For this reason, it is also especially important to ensure you are marketing health and wellness products ethically.

Whether you’re running pay-per-click ads on your personal blog, or building a comprehensive site dedicated to your affiliate program, always be confident in the industry you choose to specialize in as an affiliate marketer. The above industries are competitive, but if you can tap into a profitable niche and utilize good marketing techniques, there’s no reason you won’t eventually start to make a side income.