New Cyber security centre to open in Singapore by year-end

Singapore has always been very serious about upgrading its infrastructure as much as possible, going so far as to invest literally billions of dollars into their infrastructure over just the last few years to make this one of the most connected and digitally competitive nations on the planet today.

A tremendously forward thinking nation, Singapore is a country that has very long-term plans for growth and expansion – and cyber security and the digital landscape is going to play a tremendous role in those goals. The new cyber security center that is anticipated to open by the end of 2017 is going to help Singapore achieve those goals much faster.

The first cyber security center of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region

Established by Honeywell Process Solutions, one of the industry leaders as far as cyber security is concerned, the brand-new cyber security center is going to be the very first of its kind to be established in the Asian Pacific region.

Working in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board, this cyber facility is going to be responsible for leveraging state-of-the-art cyber security research and development while looking to produce more and more effective tools to combat digital crime all over the world.

This is not just a minor investment in cyber security, either. The security center will be the most advanced of its type ever created, and many believe that it is going to be the blueprint that all other cyber security centers are built off of from here on out.

Primarily used for proprietary research and development

While this security center will definitely make the most of existing research, development, and technology available to those in the cyber security realm, it’s believed that this particular facility is also going to be a major driver of dietary research and development to be taken advantage of by Honeywell International.

A major technology company with footholds in most every major nation around the world, Honeywell has been dedicated to pushing back against a digital crime and cyber theft more so than maybe any other company on the planet today.

If they are going to be using this Singapore facility as the spearhead against future attacks – and hopefully finding solutions that prevent these attacks from happening in the first place – it’s going to be a major part of their operations going forward.

Providing better protection to more than 2.8 billion people in the region

As the first major cyber security center of its type in the region, this facility is also going to be responsible for measuring, analyzing, and preempting has many digital crimes and cyber theft situations as possible throughout Asia.

This puts the responsibility of nearly 2.8 billion people in the region squarely on the shoulders of this facility, which means it is definitely going to be “stress tested” right out of the gate. Even still, Honeywell is very confident that they are going to be able to turn this blueprint into a series of interconnected cyber security facilities around the world, providing top class security through a web of leveraged operations.

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