ProGo 3000: ‘green’ power of propane

For quite a time propane has been used as the main source of power for fleets of large utility and heavy transportation vehicles. However, it has never been viewed as an option for personal transport… Up to nowadays. With the introduction of the first ever invented propane powered scooter situation did change.

The true fact is people in the modern world, same as their vehicles,no longer remain gasoline dependent. One canjust mount a ProGo Recreation company’s invention and enjoy the benefits of an ecologically clean product. A specially modified engine was primarily designed to fulfill that task. And a specially engineered scooter was mainly introduced to bring that idea to reality.

Eco-friendly type of fuel

It’s no secret that great many automobile manufacturers have been looking for a worthy alternative to gasoline forawhile now. Although, there’s currently a number of electrically powered vehicles found on the market, the problem of a short riding time and a long battery recharge still remains unsolved. Luckily, there’s such thing as propane, which is both ecologically clean and energy efficient. Its chemical properties allow it to be used without wastes and produce no toxic exhausts after combustion. In addition propane has higher energy density compared to gasoline and boasts a lower cost. Thus, for a typical ProGo scooter owner it turns to be a real catch.

Another peculiar fact about ProGo 3000 propane powered scooter is that a 464-gram fuel canister allows one to cover some 30-40 miles of distance without the need of refill. In time equivalent it’s something like 2-3 hours of riding time. If we draw an analogy between ProGo product and electric cars, the full battery charge is usually not enough to even offer an hour ride. With this as a concept, ProGo scooters have a significant edge over electric vehicles and take the leading position among the next-gen products.

Versatile vehicle for a reasonable price

When speaking of the ProGo scooter’s strong points one can’t simply omit its technical characteristics. Despite the fact the tiny thing can’t be viewed as a match for the sport bikes, it can easily compete with the currently featured gas-powered scooters. The trump card in this case is the use of a four-stroke engine. Right, unlike the two-stroke gasoline engines, the ProGo’s ‘heart’ produces no noise, emits no toxic gases and causes no carburetor gum-up troubles. It easily starts and shows no signs of overheating or jamming. The volume of 25 cc allows the appliance to speed up to 20 mph and still keep the engine cooled. In addition, the front and rare disc brakes make it possible to immediately react on any non-standard road situation and bring your vehicle to a full stop within a second.

Eventually, considering all the positive reviews about the ProGo 3000, the scooter starts looking more and more appealing with every next post or comment that you read. One should say hundreds of satisfied customers have already got their chance to experience its portability and the highest level of flexibility in the streets. Wish to join their number too? Order you ProGo 3000 scooter now while the prices are still hot and you have a whole summer ahead of you to use it to its fullest!