Selection Process in Human Resource Management

The selection process involves 6 steps that the human resource manager takes care of and this is exactly what every company does including the reputation management company. The first step involves the preliminary screening which are the prediterminal hiring criteria and you need certain educational requirements such as degrees, diplomas, certificates and your work experience and languages count. This is the step where they check each applicant’s criteria. The second step is the testing which involves certain tests like cognitive which is for problem solving, motor skills which include manual dexterity, finger dexterity, speed and movement of arm and reaction time. You are not allowed to test the applicant at the second step in the selection process for substance abuse, physical test or a polygraph test. The third step is the interviewing which involves a one on one interview with the interviewer and interviewee. It is important for the employer to prepare alsit of questions that they ask each candidate in order to compare whom would be a greater fit for the company.Image result for Selection Process in Human Resource Management

The fourth step involves checking the references that were given to you by the applicant. This includes the education, and their prior work experience. The fifth step includes supervisory interviewing where this is a second interview with a supervisor and maybe more than one person. When it comes to the very last step of the process, this involves the hiring decisions and this is when you can hire an applicant if they agree to take a substance abuse test, a polygraph test and as well as a physical test. The tests always need to be relevant to what the bona fide occupation requirements are. It would be irrelevant to give someone a physical test if they are applying for a job that requires them to sit in an office chair all day. The selection process is extremely important for any company to follow if they want to avoid legal problems that could arise during selection.