The Fast and Secure Torrent Vpns Of 2018

VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to use internet for connecting to machines whilst confirming that the networks are private, secure and fast. A VPN is excessively convenient but it isn’t viewed as important if you wish remote clients to get connected to the Unix or Linux server. There are many people who ask how fast a VPN can go. So the answer is, it can be faster when there is a fast internet connection. Actually, a VPN server has the capacity to be fast like other internet connections but there are some things which you ought to do for getting a faster VPN internet speed.

You should choose a smaller authentication key size for speeding up the VPN connection. Generally, Open VPN produces one 128bit encrypted data channel plus one 256bit encrypted control channel. The majority of the VPN providers permit you to minimize the control channel to 128bit which reduces the connection times remarkably. In fact, if you replace the host name of the VPN with the server’s IP address and it will speed up the VPN connection. You can also run your VPN on a fast CPU computer and it will lower the connection time which will make your VPN faster compared to running your VPN on one router. For gathering more info, visit any site like

The main torrent categories of VPN

The three torrent classes of VPN are:

  • Torrent-friendly VPN providers – When you will analyze countless VPN services, you will come to know that only some are really torrent friendly. A VPN provider which has got one “no logging” policy is recognized as a torrent-friendly VPN provider. Additionally, a VPN provider is required to have high speed and this can be achieved with the help of SOCKS5 Proxy which doesn’t disclose the IP addresses of the users.
  • VPN providers which tolerate torrents – Most of the VPN services fall under this class. The majority of the VPN providers say they permit torrenting minus accepting it and spending more bucks for providing the additional speed required for fast torrenting.
  • VPN providers which do not permit torrenting – These VPN providers block traffic and ask the users not to get engaged in torrenting. Actually, the safety issues of these VPN providers are very poor and the majority of the unrestricted VPN providers fall into this class. In fact, some paid VPN providers too do not permit torrenting.

Some vital points to remember

When you are on a lookout for a faster server for your VPN then you must know the nation where the server is located. Actually, the space between your nation and the server’s nation does matter a lot. If the distance is longer, your connection speed will be slow. You can make use of the ping command for checking the speed between your PC and the server. In the Windows operating system, you can click on Run to get to the DOS (disc operating system) command box and here, you can type the word “ping” and then your IP address. When you will hit the enter button you will be shown in milliseconds the data takes for reaching your VPN server. For more information on VPN providers, visit popular sites like