Understanding The Value Of Good Photography In The Marketing Plan

It’s commonplace to use photography to sell and promote physical products. The average person has a limited span of attention. People have been shown to additionally need exposure to a single advertisement several times before they’ll actually take note of the product and think about purchasing it in the future. With low-quality photography, it’s impossible to capture attention, and low-quality photography will consistently cause companies to miss out on important sales opportunities forever.

Marketing professionals devise plans for creating perfect product ads for glossy magazines, posters in the London Underground, signage, and billboard campaigns. A photographer has to be able to represent the ideas that ad executives provide for these plans, and they have to be able to visually capture the same mood or sense.

Product photos are usually based on either real images or on images that have been produced by graphic artists in an effort to accurately render the product. Whether this is a pristine photograph of a cologne bottle without the unsettling glare caused by lighting, or the can of cola that has an icy bead of water trailing down its exterior – each of these things features something real as a jumping off point.

Once these early ideas have been explored, then the real work occurs. Turning original photos into something that reflects the initial ideas for the ad campaign, getting confirmation from the consumer products company, and making things look amazing every step of the way are among some of the things that must be done. Complementing the soda can with the icy bead of water trailing down its surface with a clean background allows for the ideal marketing image to get consumers’ mouths watering when they look at the advert and want to quench their thirst.

To get the perfect image and to successfully combine it with other, enhancing elements such as gorgeous backgrounds and a visual technique that fits both the product and the market it’s targeting while conveying its ultimate point in a stunning way. Much like the old saying asserts: a good picture truly can be worth a thousand words.

Producing a quality marketing image, and representing a brand and a brand product properly requires passion, knowledge, and skills. Nothing short of professional excellence will do given that companies do not get second chances for first impressions when it comes to their products and the all-around branding process.

When ad campaigns involve crudely created imagery, companies lose so many prospective clients that even subsequent campaigns with breathtaking images are not able to overcome the initial, negative impressions that were made. This is why it is absolutely critical to get it right on the very first try.