Use Movavi Converter To Convert Large Music Files For Your Smartphone

Large music files are great for high quality audio. When you want to create a premium playlist in your laptop or PC, FLAC is a common format. But what if you want to share your favorite music files on your friend’s smartphone or that of yours only? FLAC files are huge and although they promise amazing quality yet they eat up huge space in your smartphone. However, you can resolve the problem by converting FLAC to MP3 format. The latter takes lesser space and hence would be perfect for small devices. Movavi Video Converter is one of the best options when you planning to convert FLAC music files to MP3.

How to convert FLAC to MP3 with Movavi Converter?

Install it in your PC/laptop

The first task is to download & install the converter software in your PC or laptop.

Add the FLAC music file

Go to Add Media & look for Add Audio. Select it & choose the desired audio FLAC that you have to convert.

Select Output

Open “Audio” & click on “MP3” preset. Select a compatible bitrate rate.

Convert the file

Go to “Save to” and select your output folder. This is where the converted file would be saved. Now, click on the “Convert” tab and transfer the FLAC file into MP3. After the conversion is complete, the converted MP3 file ill automatically open up in the designation output folder.

Other amazing features of the Movavi Video Converter

  • The Movavi Video Converter is able to convert video, DVD and images files as well added to audio files.
  • It not only helps you to change the format of a file but also enables you to resize and compress any multimedia file.
  • The Movavi Video Converter is compatible with a large number of formats. So you can use the software to change your files into any major video, audio or image format.
  • The Movavi program is designed for super-fast conversion which is way quicker compared to other converter programs around.
  • Movavi Video Converter is backed by cutting edge technology that assures no loss of quality for your audio or video files during conversion.

Important tips for the users

  • If you want to share large number of music files into your smartphone, do not convert the files one by one. Movavi Converter offers you mass conversion facility so that you can convert the whole batch together.
  • While choosing the bitrate rate, don’t go for a higher range. Higher range would mean more space and would land you in the same problem. Choose a lower range to save space on the mobile phone.