Which Type Of A Mobile Weather App Is Perfect For You?

The advancement in technology is at a very progressive rate, and it is improving in such a way that today we have almost everything at our fingertips. One of the major issues we face is the uncertainty of the weather which can destroy even our best plans.

Imagine going to work and getting drenched due to untimely rain or not putting on a jacket and then facing the sudden harsh cold. Here mobile weather apps come to our rescue. The top weather apps are presented below.

  1. Weather timeline

As the name suggests, this app presents a card based timeline of the weather to give you a fair forecast. You have an option to select from five different weather services and also would be given a notification of the impending weather changes. There are interactive graphs showing temperature, precipitation, and pressure.

  1. WeatherBug App

This app is very popular among users due to its easy interface and amazing features. It helps you to access the world’s largest network of real time sensors to give you the most accurate forecast. It gives you alerts at lightning speeds for your current location and million other cities.

It has an advanced early warning system which sends out alerts before any upcoming weather change so that you are ready and can take necessary precautions. Millions have voted it the best weather app.

  1. Precise weather yowindow

This app will exceed your expectations regarding design and graphics. It doesn’t use simple symbols for a cloud, rain and the sunshine instead it displays a cartoon landscape which will give you the real time weather in your current location.

  1. Dark sky

A unique feature of this app is that it provides a minute by minute prediction to you instead of just an idea. For example, it will provide you with a notification that it will rain in 14 minutes instead of saying that there is a vague chance of rain. It is a features pack app, and the only downside to this app is that you need to pay for it once the free trial gets over.

  1. Weatherbomb

This is a unique app as it doesn’t give you an easy to read the list in the form of icons but displays a meteorological map of the live weather conditions so that you can freely scroll through and see the weather condition of your city and its surrounding areas. You can zoom into your precise location and check the weather. It comes with a widget which shows a graph of rain, pressure, wind, temperature, sunshine, etc.

Weather apps are the daily apps which we need to check routinely. It helps you to plan your events for the day and also take necessary precautions. The changing weather won’t be the element of surprise anymore, and you don’t need to watch it only on the television in the morning as now with the help of mobile weather apps you can get minute by minute updates on the go.