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CodeIgniter is web and mobile application development framework in PHP language. It helps in the building of simple and dynamic web app in PHP. It is a light in weight and open source structure. It helps the developers to develop

If you are in the gaming market then you do not need anyone to tell you that the market is currently oversaturated. Not only are there currently more games than there have ever been before, but there are more games,

The PlayStation 4 obtained the fiercely anticipated Yukimura upgrade, likewise known as firmware 2.50. It was vital for a host of factors, the most essential of which is the capacity of backing up the whole components of the PS4, which

Your iPhone slipped from your hand, and its screen is shattered. We understand the first thing you panic about is losing the important data on your iPhone. Data backup can help prevent losing data if your phone breaks. A lot

The advent of the World Wide Web has proved to be a boon to humans. Instead of visiting various places, people now use the net from their computer desk to do their chores. While this has offered the much-desired convenience,

It is established that modern-day businesses must have an online presence in the form of websites. These days’ customers buy a product or hire services only after visiting the business website.  A well-designed websites draw traffic and increase business. At