3 Common Copier Problems and Their Solutions

Office copiers are the most useful machines in any work environment. These machines are too much busy just like the staff and their any problem can halt the complete workflow of any office. So this is the reason that you have to check them regularly to maintain their performance. But the well-maintained machines can also just stop working that can be an annoying situation for you, especially when you are working on some important project. We have compiled a list of common copier problems and their solutions so you can instantly resolve the common copier problems yourself and keep printing. 


  • Copier Is Taking Too Much Time To Print


The late printing can be due to many reasons; all of them are listed here under along with their solutions. 

  • Higher resolution jobs: If you want your copier to print at a higher resolution, then probably it will take more time to produce the print as compared to the standard printing. Choose Standard or lower resolution to solve this issue. 
  • Complex documents: Any document that contains larger images will take more time to print as compared to a text-based page. If this is the case, then it would be wise to extend the RAM of your copier so your machine could process the complex documents quickly.
  • Warm-up time: Copiers require standard warm-up time to heat the toner, check the manual of your copier to see the warm-up time it needs before printing. 


  • Paper Jams 


Paper jam is one of the most common problems that almost every copier owner faces in his life. Paper jamming halts the whole printing process, and it is very annoying if you are completing some massive printing job. The wrong choice of paper (dimension, thickness) can be the cause of paper jamming. So it is recommended to use the paper as mentioned in the copier’s user manual. Likewise, the improper loading of paper or overloading can also be the cause of paper jamming. Take out the paper reservoir and place the papers properly. 

Dust can also be the cause of paper jamming, check out the feed rollers and internal parts of your copier, and remove any dirt. If the problem sustains, contact the service center of your copier and hire the services of a professional to resolve the issue. It is pertinent to mention here that you should gently pull out the jammed paper as a jerk can tear the paper into the copier, which makes it more difficult to remove the paper pieces from the machines. 


  • Crinkled Pages 


If the prints from your copier are crinkled, then it can be due to a faulty feed and exit rollers. As these two parts are responsible for the smooth feeding and exit of the prints and whenever these parts worn-out it makes the machine to produce wrinkled papers. Wrinkled pages are not useful for professional documentation so it makes it unavoidable to address this problem before printing. To resolve this problem, order new feeding and exit rollers and replace them to get rid of this problem.  

These are some of the most common copier problems, and you can use the mentioned solutions to get rid of them easily. If you want to buy new copier parts and supplies, then it is wise to buy them from some reliable store that offers your quality products along with warranty and of course at a reasonable price. Discount copier center is a leading copier parts seller of the United States that provides a variety of copier parts and supplies at a cheaper rate.