5 Important Tips for Avoiding Mistakes When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a smart way of investment when you are looking for a car. You should always do research on what kind of car will match your need and suits your budget. Now figure out whether you want to go for a small car or sports utility vehicle for the whole family. The primary focus should be what you will do with the car for most of the days. You should do a lot of online research before making any decision. You can check used car in Mumbai price and also price in some other cities so that you can figure out where it’s available for the best price. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes when buying a used car.

  • Think properly if you are paying cash or are looking for a bank finance to borrow. Honestly, if you have cash to pay, then it is the best option but it isn’t applicable to all. Have a prior talk with the bank regarding the interest rate and documents required for the same. When you are very clear regarding the payment mode, then it’s time for a mechanic check.
  • An auto check is an important aspect of buying a used car. These days, auto shops provide this service and charge a nominal price. Always consult a friend who can guide you properly before visiting a mechanic shop.
  • Negotiate with the other party by personally meeting them and not through phone or by any email or chat. In case the seller is a private dealer then chances of negotiation will be high as he is not a professional salesman.
  • On an average, people test drive at least seven cars before buying a new car, but not even 20% of the people think of a test drive in case of a used car. This is the major reason why we find third and fourth owner used car available for sale or running on the Indian streets. Test drive ensures the used car purchased will run properly without causing any future damage to the owner’s pocket.
  • One of the most common blunders that people do while buying a used car is that they never ask for identification card. The fact is that some people sell a used car that doesn’t even belong to them. Always be sure the person selling the car or negotiating a deal is the real owner. It is advisable to take a written note in case any promise or agreement has been made.