A Few Tips to Boost Customer Trust on Your E-Commerce

Winning and maintaining customer trust is a hard row to hoe while there is a cut-throat competition in the online market. Usually, most online store owners focus on short-run marketing methods to grab quick rewards, but these tactics fail when there is a need to create a bond with your customers for long terms. Therefore, a few proven ways to boost customer trust in your e-commerce are rationalized below:

  • Introduce Yourself

Whether it is shopping or business, first of all, everyone wants to know about the real persons behind the business. That’s why it is critical to show the human side of your business to all your web visitors. Usually, an About Us page, Contact Us page and different photos are showed on most websites to represent the business and team. Thus, providing such information on your website adds authenticity and credibility to your brand.

  • Bond the Customer through Content

You cannot directly speak to your customers as can be done in physical stores or showrooms. So, the content is used to describe the product and services of online stores. Quality content helps to make familiar the customers with your products or services. Moreover, it describes the personality behind your brand and, the web visitors feel like that they really know you and can easily believe in you. Thus, make sure to provide high value and high-quality content on a regular basis through blogging.

  • Show Security Lock

Nowadays, web users are concerned about their information security as the major chains of online businesses are being targeted by hackers. Thus, most of the online owners buy EV SSL certificate for their website to combat such a security issue. This certification provides a higher degree of security to websites and their users, and its clear trust indicator builds customer trust on the website. Moreover, it decreases phishing scams and provides future-proofing to businesses. If you want flexibility in your SSL requirements, you can install a Wildcard SSL certificate on your website as it allows you to set up unlimited subdomains and you can secure them with the same SSL certificate.

  • Be Transparent with Return Policies

Customers happily buy products from websites when there is a clear return policy show on each product page. Customers consider good return policies as a sign of quality customer service because it shows that your priority to customer experience. Moreover, it shows your confidence about each product and that’s why customers make purchases easily as they know that in case, they do not like the product will be received back and refunded. Thus, create a full return policy page with money back guarantees and kink it to the footer of your site.

  • Be Easy to Reach

When customers are unsure about any product or service, they try to reach customer care services so that they can purchase from the website without any doubt. So, include several different methods like the site’s contact form, email, phone number, and social media profiles. Moreover, quick responses should be ensured in order to avoid traffic bounce. Live chat has become the most preferred mode of communication for many customers. You can also provide this feature on your website for better customer experience.

  • Offer Product Detailing

Customers cannot touch or feel the product on online stores, so websites show thorough detail of each product so that the customer comes to know more about the products and make purchases. You may include the exact measurements, Zoomable images, exact weight, product ingredients, warranty information, product features and color description on each product page to offer full information about your products.

  • Be Social

Social platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have provided huge benefits to online businesses. A huge part of the website traffic comes from social sites, that’s why business owners are engaging more and more with social media. Thus, you must develop your social media profile on famous social site in order to boost traffic on your website and improve conversion rate. Moreover, you can offer face-to-face communication to your customers while offline on your website.

  • Show Customer Reviews

These days, 75% of online customers read customer’s reviews before buying any item from a website. Thus, make sure to display customer’s reviews about each product in order to gain more trust of customers. Moreover, customer’s reviews are trusted more than the other published mode like testimonials and press releases.  

  • Strengthen Business Credibility After A Sale Occur

Even after a sale, you can improve your business credibility. You can send a confirmation email to your customers after a sale occurs which may include exact delivery date, tracking order facility and product description.  Moreover, you may include your contact number in confirmation make so that customers can get in touch with you in case of emergency.


Trust is the only feature that has the power to convert a web visitor into a buyer. Therefore, determine the most trust factors that influence your audience toward your brand, and make to deliver such trust signal to your customers. It will not only improve your brand as a whole but also boost your web conversions.