A Guide to Making the Most of Social Media Monitoring from NetBase

NetBase has worked for lots of sophisticated brands in providing social media monitoring services, but it also helps companies in the earlier stages of developing their social media marketing strategies. It is a giant in this field because it has a history of success in telling clients exactly what they need to know about the effectiveness of their social media marketing. Using the advanced social media monitoring services from NetBase can save companies from sinking good money after bad in social media campaigns that are not producing the desired results. Many companies wait too long to take a critical view of their progress in social media marketing, which ends up costing them money and potential sales over the long run.

How Social Media Monitoring Helps Brands Maintain Their Images and Generate Sales

NetBase has had plenty of success in conducting research into what followers and customers of their clients’ brands actually think of the companies. This information is vital to companies trying to manage their online image because it explains what actions on behalf of your brand are more likely to generate new sales and keep your existing customers loyal to your company.

Some of the information that you can glean from social media monitoring research is the total reach of your posts and whether they received more positive or negative reactions. In addition to understanding the breadth of your brand’s network, you can start figuring out what the interests, backgrounds and demographics of your next customer look like. This makes it easier to connect with new customers in lasting ways. Another thing you can find out is what your most engaged influencers look like. You may be surprised to find out how many influencers have a favorable impression of your brand and may be a good source of future partnerships.

When you receive accurate metrics on your social media posts, you can start figuring out which days and times of days are best to post new content. This will prevent your posts from being hidden in your followers’ timelines and ensure that they will get the attention you think they deserve. There is nothing worse than paying for great social media content that will never actually be seen by your followers.

Effective monitoring typically includes an analysis of the content that your competitors are posting and how your brand fares in comparison. This way, you will not miss out on an invaluable opportunity to stay on trend with your followers, especially if you notice that your competitors are missing the mark on a particular issue or trend. You can also hedge off any negative attention that your brand may be stirring up on social media so that you prevent the widespread sharing of disparaging content about your company.

Background Information on NetBase and the Social Media Research it Conducts

NetBase is so much more than a social media research firm. Although one of its main functions is to collect data on its clients’ social media activities, NetBase also finds ways to package the results of its analysis so that its clients can quickly identify what their next steps should be in improving their social media strategies. NetBase believes that its job is to create less work for its clients and streamline their social media review instead of making it more complicated. This is the driving force behind the reliability and accessibility of the social media research reports that NetBase presents to its clients.