AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach

Technology is upgrading every day. We see a lot of new gadgets and applications launched every new hour. Here is an amazing Technology which is variable and is a great aid to shooters. Shooters should be happy to hear that there’s something totally amazing which will coach you throughout your practice. When we talk about a human coach, the person may lead you wrong or may miss things while keeping the track but technology being accurate every second. Here is a wearable marksmanship coach who is specially designed to help shooters and to keep all the information regarding the duration of practice and also during before and after the practice of each shot.

Technology that makes you more perfect

Here is the technology which will lead you on a path to be more perfect with very short and with every day of practice. One can actually increase the level of accuracy with the help of this marksmanship coach. This gadget is ring-shaped and has proprietary motion analysis. This technology can easily detect movement errors and recovery time. It is also easy to have grip stability with the help of this marksmanship coach.

How does it connect?

This variable marksmanship coach ring is really easy to connect with your phone. After having your practice, you can easily check all the details and have a good report of the total analysis of your practice. This marksmanship coach ring will connect wirelessly to your mobile phone that has the German ship coach application with audible feedback. You can easily stay tuned with the improvements and also showing trends with the help of this application and wearable gadget. The ultimate wearable that monitors enhances, and challenges your handgun shooting skills and this gadget work amazingly when it comes to monitor or enhance the shooting skills. One can easily improve and challenge there and gun shooting skills with the help of this AimSteady wearable marksmanship coach ring and application.