All You Should Know About Syma Multicopter

A multicopter uses the simplest technology to create an aerial vehicle,  It has a main body with a number of fans that turn and push the air downward lifting the copter off the ground.

A MultiCopters are not aerodynamically stable and requires targeted computer control for stable flight. A QuadCopter is the simplest type of multicopter, with 4 spinning motors each spinning in opposite directions. It can be a simple toy just used for fun and drone flying practice or can be heavier and support a camera, which allows the user to take an aerial video or pictures. A Multicopter has a main computer situvated on its body that controls the fans, and this is the most important part of the Quad copter and helps to make it move in all the direction, hover, ascend, descend, turn and rotate. It takes the help of a gyroscope and an accelerometer to assess the direction that it has to move in and also to balance the quadcopter when encountering wind, and to sense and control the speed and motion of the quadcopter. A radio reciever and transmitter on both the quadcopter and the remote control help with the remote communication between the two.

All Syma Multicopter are Quadcopters equipped with the features mentioned below.

  • An HD Camera, with a minimum of 720P wifi camera that takes pictures and videos in a wide view which provides a realistic experience with the ability to transmit real-time HD images.
  • A barometric control which allows the quad copter to hover at the desired height.
  • A battery of 7.4V 2000 mAh and higher capacity with a charging and discharging management function.
  • A remote control is provided to help control the quad copter on the ground.
  • A special charger that needs to be used for its battery.
  • A phone clip that helps to attach it to the remote controller.
  • An accelerometer that allows a user to control the speed of the quadcopter.
  • Blade protectors which prevent damage from occurring to the blades of the quadcopter in case of a collision or a crash.

Additional features that are available in the higher priced models are, such as the Syma Multicopter X5C Explorers are

  • Flashing LED light which makes Quadcopter flying possible at night.
  • A 6 axis gyro, a gyroscope based direction stabilizer that allows, 3D lock, scheduled flight features.
  • A 360° Eversion – A key to allow 360° continuous roll.
  • an LCD display
  • 2.4GHz remote control – Syma 2.4g frequency & bandwidth has the ability to support further distance remote control, low power consumption, best anti interference allowing flying more helicopters at a time and the fastest reaction speed.