Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development Makes Digital Information Visible And Usable

It’s incredibly difficult to imagine real world without digital information. Gadgets surround us 24/7 and it doesn’t matter whether we are staying at home, flying in an airplane, watching movie or working in the office. The idea of augmented reality is to make the information we receive each day as natural as possible. If you need to navigate through business centers, medical institutions, casino, museums, use your headset and start merging your real life with virtual reality.

Augmented reality app development market grows rapidly

Best augmented reality app and mobile app development companies create corresponding interfaces for computers and smartphones to make 3D depiction more real.  AR content is integrated in a vast variety of industries, starting from displays in museums to engineering companies, using apps to showcase their achievements. Revenue of augmented/virtual reality market is predicted to grow into $108 billion by 2021, with AR share likely to reach $83 billion vs $25 billion for VR. In 2022, according to the forecast, the market size of augmented reality app development in Canada will reach $8 billion. If you are convinced you need innovative technologies to create an augmented reality application, you should choose the appropriate AR SDK tools. There is a huge number of them and the choice isn’t easy. It’s better to delegate this question to professional mobile app developers. Silver Solutions is augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada, which will manage the task with perfect results.

Mobile app development for Android

Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and mobile platform for digital titan Google. Android market share is huge as the system isn’t tied to a single hardware. And it has 2 billion monthly active users. If your business requires to develop applications for Android, you should now that the simplest services are expensive. And to save money, many owners start dealing with freelancers. Instead of benefits they get new problems. You’ll ask why? Android application development is a complex responsible procedure which must be implemented by a group of different professionals. If you are Android application owner, you will be able to raise your profits quickly after creating a simple and useful app with unique design. Augmented reality app development company Silver Solutions is a right team to deal with and to become a leader at the highly competitive market of digital world.

Virtual reality gaming – good idea for start-up

Virtual reality game development is a good start-up area. Especially if you have a steam platform. Virtual reality is a technology with never ending possibilities. Virtual reality technology enables gamers to be a part of 3D world with simulated physical presence. Adventure, action and simulation genres still stay the most popular among VR gaming. The two biggest markets of virtual reality gaming are Europe and North America. By 2025 the global VR in gaming market size is expected to reach $45 billion, according to the new report of Grand New Research, Inc.

Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada –  today generates ideas and creates applications, people will think of tomorrow. The main task of the company is to solve any business problem and reach the highest performance indexes.