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Summarizing a given text is a lengthy task. Thanks to technology for automatic summarizers. Automatic text summarization methods are generally needed to address the ever-growing amount of text data available online to discover and consume relevant information faster. Almost every

It has been years since you purchased your laptop. However, thanks to the demands of new programs you have decided to sell it off and purchase a new one. Now that you have finally received your new laptop it is

Office copiers are the most useful machines in any work environment. These machines are too much busy just like the staff and their any problem can halt the complete workflow of any office. So this is the reason that you

Right now, digital marketing is one of the most potent forms of marketing. The main objective of digital marketing is to reach out to customers through electronic media and convince them to look for your product. Almost all the organizations,

High throughput is hard to achieve today but thanks to the latest advancement in technology, industrial laser processing, optical inspection tasks, microscopy and measuring technology, every industry got the most needed positioning systems that provide the necessary stability, accuracy, and