Backlinking and More For You

Here is a small explanatory example. Suppose you have found a blog post that is well positioned relative to your topic. Most of the time, this good article belongs to a competing site or a web editor who does not want his article to be exploited. So the acceptance percentage of your trackback will be low.

Yet sometimes you have to take the risk. If your return link is that of an article that the competitor or editor finds very interesting, there is a great possibility that it will be accepted. As you purchase backlinks you can have the best deals there.

In general, to increase your chances, you first need optimized web content with specific keywords

In addition, you need a lot of patience. Sometimes, to accept your backlink, it takes more than a year. This digital strategy requires a lot of work that can be subject to technical optimization. Let’s take an example. When writing a comment or text, two important elements are to be emphasized: emotional intelligence and expertise.

  • Emotional intelligence is manifested in empathy, understanding and encouragement when writing a comment or text. We must also arm ourselves with patience and perseverance because the result depends on the moderator of the referring site. Indeed, you will inevitably suffer from refusals. You must take the lessons of these refusals to improve your approach on the following referrals. By adopting this spirit of work, you will increase your acceptance rate.
  • The role of expertise is to go further in the relevance of the information given. In order to write, one must first understand, do some research. Then you have to provide some useful information. Comments or texts must be beneficial. In case of incapacity, the encouragement is sometimes enough.
  • It is enough for the moment as beginner to seek the maximum of sites positioned to add backlinks and thus, to increase the rate of acceptance. Now let’s move on to a specific case: directories.

Contrary to what is said, directories also constitute an important element in the marketing strategy of external Netlinking. They help boost e-reputation. Indeed, new updates to the Google algorithm highlight the reputation of the company. Although accepting your text may take a long time, the likelihood of approval is quite large. Just avoid the case of duplicate content, that is, duplicate content.

All directories or other types of sites are not necessarily suitable for adding your return link. There are specific criteria to be met first to have a quality trackback.

How to know if the return link is qualitative or not?

There are choice criteria for a backlink that are difficult for beginners to understand at the moment. We will explain them in another article. For now, we quote simple criteria:

The positioning of the referring site in relation to the keywords:

Generally, the appearance of sites on the first pages of Google would mean that they are the most powerful. But it should be noted that this is not always the case.