Beneficial Ways To Secure The Surveillance System Of A Company From Hacking

Hackers are of 2 types – unethical and ethical. Whilst unethical hackers misuse their knowledge to break into a company’s dvr system to steal data and extract money, ethical hackers, also known as white collar hackers, prevent a security breach by fixing bugs that unethical hackers make use of with the purpose of trespassing a company’s internal surveillance system. But, despite efforts, data theft gives a major blow, and is a rising threat, to the global economy. Which is why you must consider taking help of ethical hackers to fix bugs in your system’s software. Furthermore, there are other stunning ways of preventing data theft too that one must be aware of. The recent ones that have started giving fruits of labor are given below.

#1 Network And Software Testing Services

Hire experts from professional companies or purchase legit testing tools that can scan the software, files, tools, data, applications, and cloud system that your company uses. The scan is run to detect hidden bugs, phishing emails, and viruses that require immediate elimination to safeguard the company from hackers.

#2 Proper Password Protection

The backdoor password of a dvr system is the key that decides if your company will easily fall to hacking or withstand against forced entry. Nathless, take lessons from blogs and hire professionals to change the default password into something that’s strong.

#3 Antivirus Tools To Prevent System Infiltration

You must buy a firewall from reputed companies since the firewall works as the first shield that stands guard between hackers and the dvr system. Second, have strong antivirus tools that can identify, scan, and terminate suspicious files that might contain malware.

#4 Run Bounty Programs

Whilst bounty programs are controversial means and some experts believe that they can expose the vulnerability in a code to unethical hackers as well, it is still worthy of the risk. However, there are a few things that you should bear in mind before letting your software code out in public. They are given below.

  1. You must hire professional cyber experts who can identify and troubleshoot any infiltration before serious loss can happen
  2. Keep updating your software frequently so that bugs keep auto-resolving. It is elemental to ensure that unethical hackers do not find a window to exploit and gain entry in your network system
  3. Hire quality coders who can overrun unauthorized commands to ensure that the software doesn’t corrupt
  4. Do not distribute the authorization power generously. Also, be very selective about how many devices you want to connect to the dvr directly
  5. Restrict the wifi access to foreign devices and systems outside of your company. It reduces the chances of router hacking