Best Instagram Tips And Tricks

Instagram is one of the most famous social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There are many famous celebrities prefer using Instagram for uploading their photos and keep updating their fans all around the world. You would be hooked once you start logging in your Instagram account for sure. If you really love and appreciate Instagram, then you would like these tips and tricks for you.

Get a notification whenever your friend or favorite celebrity post

Yes, you would get a daily notification about what happening in your friend’s or famous celebrities through their videos, images and their posts. With the latest update, you would never miss any single update and would keep connected with your loved ones. You just have to turn on the people notification you want to see notifications for each time whenever they are posting on Instagram. Click here to know about Instagram hacking in deep.

Scroll people are safely

You need to understand that the deeper you are digging in your friend’s Instagram feed, the higher would be the fear of being labeled as a big stalker. But you should not worry; you can switch to airplane mode and scroll easily through their feeds without liking their pictures accidentally.

Keep safe your filters

It is really great to see your filters appearing in the starting of the list always. If you want to rearrange your filters, then you can do this with a simple trick. You just need to start by editing a picture and tap on manage button. Now, you have to press long on the grey line on the filter right and drag it in your preferred order.

Easily hide the pictures

Yes, you can easily hide the pictures your friends are tagging in without any problem. It is possible now to save yourself from those embarrassing pictures from others by going through a simple trick. You need to go to “photos of you” and click on the three dots and select edit. Now, you can select the pictures you want to hide from your profile and once you are totally satisfied with the selected pictures, then you can click on “hide from profile” and save.

So, finally, you are aware of the famous Instagram tips and tricks which can help you while using Instagram. If you want to know about the Instagram hacking account and other hacking-related information, you can go through this link.