Best USB Microphones For Podcasting Under $50

When you’re just starting out with podcasting money is tight. You don’t have a lot of money to spend, yet you still need a quality microphone that will record your podcast. You may be wondering what the best USB microphone for podcasting under $50 looks like.

Well, there are quite a few options out there for the budget conscious podcaster, unfortunately, many of them aren’t much better than the built-in microphone that comes with your computer. When you are on a budget you can’t afford to pick up a sub-par microphone for your first foray into podcasting.

That’s why we’ve looked into budget-friendly USB microphones and found one that stands out above the rest. The Blue Snowball iCE is a USB microphone with a price tag of $50 that gives you the quality recording and that little extra something to make it worth the purchase.

The first thing we noticed with the Blue Snowball iCE was the unique design that helps it stand out from the rest of the budget USB microphones that we’ve looked at. Its compact ball design makes it extremely portable and great for use as a microphone on the go. The round design also means that it’s more durable than the average microphone on the market.

The Snowball iCE is also great for using as a desktop microphone since it has a built-in tripod that keeps it stable during your recording sessions.

This USB microphone gives you a little extra oomph over a built-in microphone because it has a condenser transducer with a cardioid polar pattern. That’s a jargon-heavy way of saying that it quiets down background noise that might normally get picked up. And, while it’s best used for recording a single voice, it is decent at recording a single instrument as well if placed close enough.

With the Snowball iCE you is definitely a bargain for the $50 price tag, but as far as USB microphones go that’s a pretty cheap price, so there is bound to be a few downsides with this compact mic.

Mainly, to get good audio quality it’s important to keep the microphone relatively close to you. Moved farther away and the sound quality noticeably gets weaker.

The other major drawback is that it doesn’t have any modes for bi-directional or omnidirectional recording. So, if you need to record more than one person for your podcast this probably isn’t the mic for you, unless you buy more than one.

Don’t let these small flaws in an otherwise great microphone deter you. This isn’t exactly a USB microphone that I would recommend as your primary microphone unless you are extremely strapped for cash, as there are far better microphones for only $100 on the market. But, it is a great USB microphone to have as an emergency backup or for traveling with.

When it comes to the best USB microphone for podcasting that is under $50 the Blue Snowball iCE is certainly the way to go. Superior quality over your built-in microphone and a sleek, unique design make this a great microphone for every podcaster to have on hand.