Business Idea: How To Set Up An It Company?

Although there are more technical graduates, IT specialists and programmers from year to year, companies are observing staff shortages. It is estimated that around 50,000 programmers are still lacking in the labor market. On the one hand, this proves the huge demand for IT services, and on the other – many qualified specialists decide to work abroad. You can set your own IT Companies By Li Creative.

Own IT activity

The provision of IT services does not require any permits or licenses. Services offered can range from computer repairs to building websites or system administration. An IT specialist running his own business can be a freelancer working on behalf of a large company (e.g. a software tester), provide one-off services for individual clients or small businesses (e.g. hardware repair) or e.g. be employed full-time and simultaneously run his own company. In the case of the latter, no conflict of interest may arise – work performed as part of an activity must be different from work performed under an employment contract. In the case of IT services, the entire procedure for setting up a business boils down to simply registering your business.

How to set up an IT company step by step

  1. The first step in registering your business activity is submitting the CEIDG-1 application to any City / Commune / District Office. The document may be submitted by registered mail, in person or by electronic means. The application should indicate, among others PKD code (e.g. 62.02.Z – activities related to IT consulting or 62.01.Z – activities related to software). Within 7 days of submitting the CEIDG-1 application, the entrepreneur will automatically receive a REGON number and tax identification number. After giving the numbers will be visible on the ministerial website www . ceidg. gov. en. Submitting the application to CEIDG and entering the company into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity is free. So pay attention to letters with requests for payment – it is an attempt at fraud.
  1. Then, when registering for VAT at the Tax Office, submit the VAT-R form. The document may be submitted in person, by registered mail or electronically. The last solution is available to people who have an e-signature. The ePUAP trusted profile does not authorize to send the document electronically.
  1. Finally, the ZUS ZUA or ZUS ZZA form must be submitted to ZUS within 7 days from the date of commencing business operations. ZUS ZUA, when economic activity is the only title for insurance or ZUS ZZA, when the entrepreneur is additionally employed, e.g. on a mandate contract (and the contract is for a greater amount than the basis for calculating the contributions for retirement and disability pension insurance that applies to him) or receives a pension. If the entrepreneur intends to hire employees, he should report them to ZUS within 7 days from the date of concluding the contract. It is worth remembering that starting a business is free, but running it is not. Once the business is established, the entrepreneur becomes obliged to pay ZUS contributions and pay taxes.

IT company headquarters

The company’s headquarters can be located in the private apartment of the entrepreneur with a separate area for an activity or in the rented premises. It is worth remembering that the purpose of the premises (or part of the premises) for business purposes should be reported to the cooperative or administrator – such notification will increase the property tax, but only for the part that serves corporate purposes. Regardless of the place of business, when conducting computer repair services, the entrepreneur is obliged to segregate and utilize waste (e.g. damaged parts for electronic equipment). If the company produces a lot of waste, it should keep appropriate records.

Company account

The establishment of a company bank account should be notified to the Tax Office on the CEIDG-1 form. A business account is not mandatory. The entrepreneur may use his private account. A business account is, however, required by banks when granting a loan.

cash register

Entrepreneurs providing IT services are required to install a cash register after exceeding the turnover of PLN 20,000 from sales to natural persons who do not run a business and flat-rate farmers. The obligation applies to VAT payers and entrepreneurs who are not registered for VAT.


Entrepreneurs who sell electronic, telecommunications and broadcasting services to natural persons resident in countries are required to calculate and pay tax to the Tax Office in the buyer’s country at the rate provided in that country. If the buyer requests an invoice, it will also have to be issued by local regulations. In the case of sales to companies, the taxpayer obliged to settle the tax is the buyer. First of all, we’re talking about foreign portals like Apple. From 2015, instead of registering for VAT in the countries and submitting settlement declarations in each of them, the taxpayer can register for the MOSS procedure, submit one declaration and pay VAT, which will then be forwarded by the Ministry of Finance to the country where the sale took place.