Contentmart is the best for Freelance Writing Jobs. Know Why & How?

Before we get into why Contentmart is the best for freelance writing jobs, let’s just go back a little. Why freelance? Well, let’s look at it in an economic perspective. We, as human beings have multiple wants. But due to our limited resources (i.e money), we can’t satisfy these ‘multiple’ wants. Not too big of a problem, really. Because there are many ways, that we can increase our resources, provided that we are willing to  put in a little bit more energy. Voila! Freelancing is an answer. If you are a student, consider it to be extra pocket money. If you are a corporate already, use the money, thus earned to spoil yourself a little. It wouldn’t hurt too much! Moreover, gain knowledge, improve your skills and make contacts. Who know, when you might need a helping hand!

Ok, ok, enough of that. Now, let’s shift our focus to something of even more importance. Yes, a review of the online-freelancing content writing portal, Contentmart.

As a freelance writer, what would you look for in an online content writing portal?

  • Decent pay
  • Diversity of topics/ writing categories
  • Continuous updates
  • Steady flow of work
  • Some sort of protection from fraud

(If you feel that we have missed any important criteria, you can add that in the comments  section)

On Contentmart, writers get paid an average of 0.40/0.50 paisa/ word. So for example, for a 500 word article, one gets paid nearly 200-250 rupees. To earn that much money, one spends a maximum of 1:30 hours. 500 rupees in 3 hours, that’s not too bad, right? Of course, then comes the problem: “Will I get enough orders?” Or, “Will there be enough articles that interest me?” Yes, and, Yes again. If you are good at what you do, you definitely will. A minimum of 10 new orders is posted, almost everyday. And the topics of these articles vary from: automobiles to information technology, from politics to digital marketing, the opportunities to learn are endless. Not only are there different topics of articles, but people also look for different kinds of articles: Blog posts, product reviews, case study, typewriting, etc. Fraudulent practices, especially scamming people of their work and effort is not something the clients can do and get away with very easily. If any such case is brought to Contentmart’s notice, the writer can file for arbitration and demand justice. They have a very dedicated team that works tirelessly to see to the convenience, needs  the protection of its writers.

If you are a freelancer, interested in content marketing, Contentmart is one of the best places to start. And who knows, maybe, one day you will be writing a review on behalf of, all of its writing community!