6 Advantages Of Converting The Legacy Languages In The IBM OS Into New Computer Languages?

When in the IT sector, the ill-effects of not being innovative can cause some serious monetary damage. And this problem is a major concern when it comes to IBM I applications since they run on old computer languages that actually increase the production cost. Besides, it is difficult to find coders with some serious skills in legacy languages like RPG and COBOL. Needless to say, the situation, thus, demands a modern tool like the Fresche RPG application modernization tool that can transform primitive computer languages into the most popular and advanced ones like Java. However, it might still hit the mind with questions like are such tools worthy of the money spent? If you too are lingering with such doubts that are stopping you from modernizing your IBM I applications, then the list below is just the right guide that you require to take the correct decision.

6 Benefits Of Using The iModernize Tool For The Conversion Of CL And RPG Languages Into Java

It is the iModernize tool by Fresche Solutions that’s most recommended for language conversion. And amongst the many benefits it offers, the ones given below are totally worthy of your time.

  1. Conversion of RPG to Java allows the production of high-quality codes. And such smooth running codes are important to come up with navigable apps
  2. Using manual conversion techniques to transform legacy languages into new ones involve more cost and increases the risk of human errors too. However, using the automated iModernize tool increases efficiency by eliminating the risk of human errors
  3. Since the tool is completely automated, it doesn’t require re-architecting the entire website in order to overrun the legacy languages. In other words, the conversion is extremely cost-effective and economical
  4. The iModernize tool is a smart solution that can detect if a technology is incompatible with the IBM I applications upon migration itself. As a result, the production efficiency is not reduced since the timely detection of incompatible technology offers enough time to manage a suitable substitute for a smooth run
  5. Sometimes, the transforming of legacy languages is left incomplete due to improper code rewriting. However, this problem does not exist with the iModernize tool. It is because the tool does not rewrite legacy languages but transforms them into Java to ensure completeness
  6. The modern IT languages are much more agile. And agility is the key to innovation that’s considered quite important when it comes to designing better applications with improved features for user satisfaction