Crowdfund Your Event and Give Your Backers an Experience of a Lifetime

Crowdfunding is not limited to collection of donations for a critically ill patient, or for sending disaster relief. Crowdfunding can be used to arrange an event that you want to host. Crowdfunding India says that online crowdfunding is a great way to avoid using your own money or taking out a loan, and it will also give you a preview of how the people would perceive your event.

Here are a few tips from Crowdfunding India, on the best way to successfully crowdfund the latest event you want to host.

Plan it out beforehand

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time before you launch your online crowdfunding campaign and make sure that it has something different to offer than the other campaigns that are similar to yours. Then you can start creating a campaign narrative, attractive contents, videos, logos, and other visuals, funding goal, marketing strategy and event details.

Crowdfunding India says that a little research is required to launch a successful fundraiser. Look at the other events who have gathered funding by online crowdfunding, set a time limit, start writing posts so that you can share them on social media, start creating mail templates.

Be unique

Your event campaign should be presented as more than just another event. Explain what sets your event apart and what your agenda are. If you are going to invite any celebrity or performers, mention that in your post. List the different acts your event will comprise, mention it clearly that where the funding will be used.

Add high-quality images of the performers of the event, and a great video trailer. Crowdfunding India notes that campaigns with videos and images raise four times more money than those without them.

Offer perks to the donors

Make an attractive set of perks for your crowdfunding campaign. This will draw in donors and reward them for funding your event. Crowdfunding India suggests that you can give away discounted tickets to the event, sponsorship packages, VIP seating, backstage access, meet and greets, etc. Giving away rewards will make the donors all the more interested to come forward for your events, and this will attract other donors, and create a strong and loyal donor base who will fund your future events.

Use social media

Once you start your campaign on an online crowdfunding platform, social media is the best tool to spread the word about your campaign. Crowdfunding India suggests that you use all the social media platforms to meet as much people as you can. Don’t forget to add links to your Crowdfunding India homepage and the payment links by which you will receive the payment online. Once you are done with the event, don’t forget to give a social media shoutout to the donors who have stood by your side. You can also gather their mail-ids, and send them thank you mails after the event. Not only will this encourage your donors, but you will create a stellar database comprising the contacts of the donors which you will find useful for your upcoming events.

Crowdfunding India says that crowdfunding is a great tool for raising funds for your next event. You’ll be able to work with your backers and create an event that will outlive their expectations. Visit the Crowdfunding India website to find out more.