Don’t Make These Three Common Mobile App Dev Mistakes

If you want your business to have any kind of success, these days, you have to think about shifting to the web. Even if you have a physical location and you work in the real world (as opposed to an online store, for example) you are still going to want to have some kind of digital presence.  The best way to do this, of course, is through a mobile app.

Developing QuickSeries custom apps helps to keep your customers—your “audience,” as it is called in the online world—engaged with your product, your service, or your company.  Whether you sell home care products, run a gym, or offer legal advice, a mobile app helps to remind your customers that you are not only available to meet their needs, but that you are their best option.Image result for Don't Make These Three Common Mobile App Dev Mistakes

If you are thinking about developing a mobile app, though, you need to make sure you hire the right people. This is not something to take lightly or something that you should try to do yourself. Sure, there are tutorials and other programs out there that can help you to build your app but you need a professional who knows the right way to do things and how to avoid these common mistakes.


In North America, there are two major mobile platforms:  Android and Apple iOS.  Essentially, they operate in the same head space but their infrastructures are vastly different.  You are going to need to determine which one you want to develop for, at first. You can choose to develop both at the same time, if you want, but that might not be the best use of resources or time.

Many find that it is easier to start with Android simply because it is a little more accessible than the other.  Apple is more secure but it is rare to find a free app anywhere in the App Store.


It is not only important to have a web presence; you are going to also want to optimize your web presence to make it easier to use on a computer or mobile device.  Optimizing the size of your website—both in terms of data and view—ensures that users have the best possible experience.


Finally, you also want to make it easier to find your website.  Even with your app, you want to effectively market both your company and your app so that more people can find and engage with you.  This involves studying search engine data to determine what users are engaging with and how you can get in front of the curve.