Dynamite Tips In Extending the Life of Your Battery

It is already common to hear about mobile phone owners complaining about their batteries. In fact, there is even a good chance you are one of them. There are times when even if you made sure to get a great phone like maybe an LG G3 and you still experience the same problem. Why do you think so? Do you think that it is a manufacturer’s problem? If that is the case, then why are there so many complaints? Yes, most likely it is not a problem from the way the phone is made but instead, of how it is used.

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Regardless, you might still need these tips on how to maximize the battery of your mobile phone.

Turning off vibrations

We all know that vibrations entail a good amount of your battery. Thus if you really have to use this feature, make sure that it is only on a situation where it is a must like maybe you need to put your phone on a silent mode in your workplace and so on.

Heat exposure

Do you know that the battery of your phone will be easily drained when always exposed to the heat of the sun? This is really true thus if you are in a very hot area, be sure to keep your phone inside your pocket or maybe inside your bag.

Dim the screen

This is of course self-explanatory. Every time your phone lights up, it uses your battery and thus when not in used, you should dim it. There are now features in some phone where its light will adjust on its own depending on what you are doing like if you are reading for example.

Radio and GPS

Most of mobile phone users only consider turning off the Bluetooth of their phone. This is right of course as this can also conserve your battery. However, the same thing should be done with its radio and GPS as both features can also eat up your battery.

Turn the phone off

You should only do this though if you will not use the phone for hours. But if not, then might as well just dim it. Note that turning the phone on, can use up a lot of your battery. But if you happen to be in an area without reception, then might as well turn your phone off to preserve the battery.

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