Most Common Encountered Problems With Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles is a very cool feature for your articles because they speed up the load in mobile devices and makes it faster for your users, improving their experience and then making them more likely to read your content and come back again. We already checked out how to install and configure it but, there are a series of problems that you may encounter. Here is a list of them as well as their most usual solutions:

Problem #1. You need 10 articles:

Yes, you need a minimum of 10 articles before you submit your Facebook Instant Articles for review so, if you don’t have them you can’t do it and you should write more. However, there is a problem that many users experienced when trying to do so with more than 10 articles and still it refuses to accept. This is because the feed may not be showing them all so, just edit them by simply opening them and then clicking the submit button, that should do the trick and now they will be recognized.

Problem #2. Warnings and Errors in your Articles:

In order to speed up the user’s speed, Facebook Instant Articles is using a transforming algorithm that is pretty cool but can be a pain in the neck for some themes. When using Facebook Instant Articles, your articles must match some specifications that you can find in their website but you are not likely to read. Many of these are already done thanks to your WordPress plugin but still you may see some warnings and errors.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix that is to create custom transformer rules but this is the work of a developer and not suitable for the common user. Most likely it is going to be any of your other plugins that is adding content blocks to your articles so, try to configure your other plugins so that they add as little content blocks as possible.

Problem #3. Getting Empty Errors:

So, you are doing everything correctly but you are getting Empty Feed errors when submitting your Facebook Instant Articles feed. There are a few things that may cause this but the most likely of them all is that you didn’t set your URL in a correct way. Pay attention to the URL you are adding and check out they are the same. For example, it is not the same than Depending on your setup these may be different ones and cause you an error.

Another option is that your posts are not updated yet. The best way to update them is to manually go to each of them and update them without including anything new. This will change the date of submission and then it is likely they will appear where they should.

There are many more errors that you can encounter while installing Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress but these were the most common of them all and we hope this article helped you. Keep posted and we will add more helpful articles about keeping and maintaining your WordPress site!