Exposing the 4 Common Myths about Surveillance Systems and Revealing the Facts

Certain analysts have predicted that by the year 2018, the surveillance economy is likely to shoot up to 25 billion dollars seeing the current demand for security cameras in all organizations. The reason in the spike of camera demands is because security is becoming a sensitive issue, which no one wants to overlook.

The advanced security cameras not only record the activities that they view, but they can also recognise the license plates of automobiles, note the changes in the temperature and come with a whole new set of video analytics. Security concerns like Hikvision security concerns are overridden because of vast storage and robust transmission.

Though the surveillance systems are becoming so popular, there are still many people who are unaware of its technicalities and therefore they have certain myths about the surveillance systems.

Here are the top 4 myths about the surveillance systems. Also, get to know what the real facts are.

  1. The More the Pixels, the Better the Camera- It is true that if a camera has a higher number of pixels then the captured video will have more details. But the performance of the camera does not only depend on the number of pixels it has. Factors like position of the camera, lights in the background and the field depth majorly affect the performance of the camera.
  2. Cameras Cannot Stop an Activity, Which Is in Progress- The conventional cameras were only used for recording purpose. For example, let’s say a theft is taking place. In that case, a conventional camera would only record the entire scene. The people would get to know about the theft only if anyone checks the recording later. But now with improved cameras, a notification or a security alert can be sent to either the owner or the security personnel that something is not right and the activity can be stopped then and there only by notifying the concerned authorities.
  3. Surveillance Is Not Important- You might have never experienced any breach of security, but that does not guarantee in any way that you will face no security concern ever. Therefore, it is important to install a surveillance system because we have heard the popular saying a numerous times – prevention is better than cure.
  4. Having Surveillance Is Creepy- Most people have this notion that it is creepy to have surveillance systems. But it is not true at all. Security cameras are installed with the primary objective of ensuring your safety. It is being used so that your privacy is not compromised.

Now that you know the facts about surveillance systems, make an initiative to educate others around you, who still assume these myths to be true.