Fine-tuning your survey chatbot: TECH tips.

Now that you have a chatbot, let’s look into ways of improving a survey chatbot:

Making use of open-ended questions

It has been seen repeatedly that multi-choice questions are mostly a very effective starting point for just about any survey. Care should be taken not to place all of your trust in multi-choice questions alone. Consideration should also be given to other forms of questions. Although the majority of multi-choice questions can be easier to analyze there are still negative consequences. With multi-choice questions, your customer is limited as far as their responses are concerned. This is why there can be expected to be a certain amount of error in those results. To ensure a well-balanced result it is important to make use of open-ended questions. With these open-ended questions, your customer can be more candid and forthcoming. This allows them to more accurately state their opinions and this can result in feedback that wasn’t even envisioned by your business when you started out. When you are looking for survey data which can allow you to make improvements which will ensure complete customer satisfaction then you have to consider the inclusion of open-ended questions.

There are many possibilities

You may make use of very specific questions but you can also mix them up with broader questions, this can provide you with valuable data. Initially, you may only ask the customers opinion regarding a specific product. This will require the consumer to focus on certain very specific aspects of your business or brand. However, they will also have the opportunity to express an opinion which they may have regarding your brand or product. Other questions which should be included should allow the consumer to provide more general feedback which they might have about your product or company. You should also encourage them to provide suggestions on how the product or service can be improved. It may take some time to analyze those responses. It will take considerably more time than will be required when one is only concerned with an average rating. The results, however, will be a lot better and more useful especially when a business is serious about understanding the needs of the consumer. The investment of time and money will not be wasted because you will have a significantly better chance of providing the consumer with exactly what they need.

A chatbot with personality

You must never lose sight of the reality that the advantage of using chatbots over regular and boring survey forms is the fact that they are simply a lot more interesting as far as interaction is concerned compared to those survey forms. Therefore, the logical step will be to make them even more interesting by providing your chatbot with an attractive personality. A logical strategy will be to ask your customers what their name are. From then on the chatbot should address them by their first name throughout the entire survey process. There are several bot builder systems which can be used to add GIFs, custom HTML, and even images. One or more of these things can do a lot to improve the experience which your customer might have while they are interacting with your chatbot. With the currently available technologies, it is so easy to add simple yet effective things. Those efforts can really help to ensure that the conversation remains positive and interesting from start to finish. People want to be entertained not burdened. The more entertainment value is provided during the survey process the more likely you are to retain the attention of the consumer. This can result in very valuable feedback which can be used very effectively to improve your business operations. Some people might require professional assistance in order to ensure that they are able to produce natural sounding conversations.

Always be transparent and honest

Never try to deceive the consumer when you are asking them to cooperate with your survey. This is why you should be honest about how much time you will require from the customer. People are living very busy lives and when there is uncertainty about what is involved they may refuse participation on principle. However, if you tell them right from the start that the estimated time of your survey is 2 or3 minutes then you may be more successful to get them to cooperate. People might become very frustrated when a survey is taking considerably longer than expected. Something else which can ensure a higher level of cooperation will be to make use of a progress indicator which will ensure that the consumer remains well-informed regarding the process.

Chatbot metrics considerations

Many of the available chatbot platforms are now providing users with analytics dashboards. Many people may already be familiar with the systems especially if they are familiar with digital marketing tools. These tools can be used to manage the responses and the actions of customers. With every consecutive survey, the most critical data will always be those that relate to the responses of your customer. An accurate way to determine exactly how effective your chatbot is during the data collection process will be to look at the chatbot metrics. Naturally, the most effective survey chatbot is the one which is so efficient that it is able to guide the customer through the entire survey process. It should be able to successfully motivate the consumer to answer each and every question as comprehensively as possible. Making use of chatbot metrics will provide you with the means to determine exactly how effective your survey chatbot has been.

Usable and actionable data

Chatbot metrics will provide you with an accurate overview of exactly how many people have become involved in your survey. You will also have flow analytics which is easy to interpret and which will show you exactly at what point of the survey people are most likely to become uncooperative. With chatbot metrics, you have the ability to clearly see exactly how effective your chatbot is when it comes to collecting all of the information which you require. Analyzing the collected data can help you to adjust your questions to further maximize the number of people who will complete your future surveys. You will also have an excellent overview of how much value your survey chatbot is providing you and your business. It has been discovered that when using chatbot surveys it is possible to have a survey completion rate of more than 80%.

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