Finer Details for the Best PDF Files for You

Now that you know how to leverage your PDF File Converter for reading on Google Play Books, you may have a good library at your disposal now. But what if you do not use Google Play Books as your default e-reader on your mobile device, but one that only accepts files in .EPUB format? Or, what happens when most of your books are in .EPUB format, but does your favorite reader only work with PDFs or do you need to send the file to someone who only has Adobe Reader installed?

The Options

You will need to convert books from EPUB to PDF format.

First, let’s clarify that the PDF format is bad for readers. Yes, it preserves formatting, it is great for illustrations and graphics, it fills fonts etc. But it was made for printing, to get the best possible result on any printer. Ebook readers were created to pick up the text, and basically the text, from a book and adapt it to the screen size of your device. PDF preserves the original form at any cost. The reader tries to disassemble that to adapt. The epub to pdf converter is the best option right here.

  • Then, you’ll have better results converting PDFs with poor formatting and illustrations. Otherwise you will have a heavy, deformed EPUB and where an image can easily occupy 8 screens or more.
  • For a quick conversion, without installing anything, it is recommended to use epub to PDF to Epub Converter. It is an excellent free online tool that allows conversion between various types of media file and also ebooks. Let’s go through steps:
  • Select one or more files, up to a total of 100Mb to upload.
  • Choose the format for which you want to convert your ebook (it can be PDF, EPUB, LIT, MOBI or other very obscure formats).
  • Enter your email without fear. They do not spam.
  • Press the Convert button.
  • Wait for the link to download the converted files.

If you want to have a little more control over the conversion process, or are going to systematically convert a lot of books or just want to have a solution installed on your computer, the best option in the market is epub to PDF Converter.

To convert books using epub to PDF Converter, follow these steps:

Add your books to the program by clicking Add Books or simply by dragging and dropping the files in the interface.

  • Select the books and click convert.
  • Specify the output format.
  • Adjust the dozens of settings in the side menu to your liking. Or skip this step.
  • Press OK.

The Perfect Files for You

The converted files can then be found in the original book folder within the directory structure mounted by Epub to PDF converter.

Epub to PDF converter is a professional (but with a complete free of charge) program that can be quite exaggerated for anyone who just wants to do some conversions. Why actually it is a suite that allows you to manage your library, register metadata, acquire new books online, edit e-books, share content and more besides convert. When you add your books to Epub to PDF converter, and you need to do this before converting, it will create your own storage folder and force your own organization, which will make it somewhat intrusive unless that is what you want.