Get Your Holiday Rental Website Google Ready

Google is the dominating search engine on the World Wide Web. Easy to use and the most user-friendly, this platform holds the key to many businesses succeeding or failing. Getting your website online is the easy part. Now you need Google to utilise your site correctly and help your customers find you. But how do you influence that?

There are many factors which can influence how your holiday rental business is viewed online but the best place for you to start is on your holiday rental website itself. Make your site look appealing, bright, fresh and above all professional. In order to start being noticed your website needs to look the part and be something that encourages readers to visit other pages on your website.

Beginning the process of improving your appearance with Google starts with these easy to do tasks.

Separate Your Rentals

Create a new page for each of your holiday rentals. As a computer system, Google looks at everything as it is. You need to tell Google that all your accommodations are separate entities and not the same thing.

Creating a solo page on your website for each different accommodation will not only make it easier to use for your customers, it will also provide unique URLs ( Uniform Resource Location ) which can accurately divert online visitors to the correct holiday rental they are looking for.  

The separate pages also offer a great opportunity to make internal links on your website to keep visitors looking around a little bit longer. This is something called bounce. The lower the bounce the better. Every time a customer clicks on to a page and then goes away without interacting it increases the bounce. By creating internal links, you are telling the customer there’s more to look at.

Create Easy To Read Content With Good SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation means you are adding key features to make Google pick up your website. Writing descriptions and meta tags on your website using keywords will help Google to understand what your website is and then display your holiday rental pages to users searching online for accommodation to rent.

Good keyword examples include ‘holiday rentals’, ‘vacation accommodation’, holiday accommodation in Florida’. By using the words that customers typically use to search for holiday accommodation, you are more likely to appear near the top of the list on the Google rankings.

However, including keywords in your website content does come with a warning. If you place too many keywords in your pages it is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and your website may actually be penalised. When including keywords and phrases make it natural and occasional.

Be Secure

Surfing the Internet is not as safe as it once was with the modern presence of hackers and fraudulent businesses. A business can be penalised by Google if the website isn’t safe for users.

Protection against hackers and other Internet threats is key to any success with your business. SSL  (Secure Sockets Layer ) certification provides a much safer environment for users while they are visiting your holiday rentals website.

Having the SSL certification is recognised by having HTTPS in front of your web address. In comparison to HTTP, the extra S on the end indicates that your website is secure. This creates a feeling of security with your customers and they are more likely to use your website. Just by having this on your website booking will be easier, safer and a lot more likely to happen.

Keep It Clean

As well as making your content family friendly, the URLs on your website also need to be clean.

‘Dirty URLs’ are web addresses which are followed by a series of exclamation marks and other punctuation marks. These kinds of web addresses rank a lot lower on the search results on Google and it does nothing for all the hard SEO work you’ve put into your website.

Having clean URLs make your holiday rental website easier to navigate and it appears to be a lot more friendly to users. Just by making the spring clean on your website URLs your holiday rental business can start climbing the ranks on Google and start being seen by more customers.   

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