Great Details for the SMS Tracking

Monitoring what children and teens do on their cell phones is important to avoid contact with inappropriate subjects. For this there are several applications for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Google Family Link, AppBlocking app, and Parental Control Screen Time limit usage time and monitor children’s actions by locking resources and generating reports that inform actions taken on mobile phones.

In addition to search protection and age-inappropriate content, parents can track their child’s real-time location and receive an alert if an incident happens, such as the Life360 and GPS Family Tracker. Below are five free tools that can help you monitor your children’s actions on the Internet. A visit to happens to be perfect.

  1. Google Family Link

The Google Family Link app generates a usage time report and also lets you track what can be purchased from the Google Play Store, track location, hide apps, lock your device, and limit usage time. Reports on your child’s mobile actions can be generated monthly or weekly. For each child, up to five monitors can be added. The app is available for iOS and Android.

At the time of setting up parental monitoring, the child’s and parents’ cell phones must be close, and the child must be at most 13 years old. A separate Google account for the child needs to be created before setup.

  1. SMS Tracker

Sharing users’ locations is a feature used by Life360 efficiently, as parents can track each child’s path by receiving information about where their child is or where they went. When the child arrives at a location, an alert is sent to people added within a monitoring circle. In case of an emergency situation, the application makes an automatic call to the selected profiles. If the phone is lost or stolen, it can be tracked using Life360’s precise location feature.

  1. Family Tracker

Tracking your child’s location can be performed even without the Internet using specific KidsControl Family Tracker GPS coordinates. When there is a connection, the accuracy becomes 10 to 40 meters higher, even indoors, such as underground parking lots, for example. In the app, various places like home or school can be set so that automatic alerts are sent when children arrive. If your monitored phone is almost out of battery, you can send a message to remind you of charging.

Dangerous regions can be set so that alerts are sent if the child enters them. If there is an emergency, the SOS button sends a help request to anyone monitoring the location. You can add multiple profiles for monitoring. To start using the service, the user must enter the invitation code sent to be monitored.

More than that

Subjects that are viewed on websites, social networks and other content can be monitored by Parental Control Screen Tim e. The words you type in mobile browser browsers are seen giving parents greater control over what their children see on the Internet. In addition, you can control the time your child spends on their cell phone. In the paid version of the app, parents can immediately stop monitored mobile activities, limit resources during class hours, have a daily summary of activities, and even share monitoring with other profiles.