How Free SuiteCRM Hosting Needs To Be Installed?

The users who are downloading SuiteCRM software for the first time, then they need to follow the instructions and it includes: people need to install the platform oriented application to the device or system either windows or Linux. Also, they need to install some of the supporting application like PHP, web server, and databases to retrieve or access the data in cloud system whenever it is required. Then, people need to download suite file from their website They need to understand that some of the third party sources are also providing downloading option wherein it requires upgrading or additional money to implement the same. The website is provided with the latest version. Then, we need to copy the suite files into the web server and it is followed by going behind with the instructions illustrated by installation wizard in the display screen.

Accessing Download Version Page Of Website:

The access towards free SuiteCRM hosting is provided in their website. Before installing, people are able to access towards the video tutorial provided by the company and this helps in explaining the working procedure of this module. They are provided with extensions to support this application in the website. The download of required version is available in the section User need to create a username and password with this website and then only it allows any user to access the download version of the file. This is done with the help of registration form whenever user clicks on sign in button in the website. It navigates to the screen to download the required version for the user as per their requirement. They do have a dedicated support team if people are experiencing any kinds of difficulties in accessing the software or website or registering with them.

Placing Files Into Web Server Location:

Once download is completed, user needs to unzip the file and copy the files into web server which requires permission for doing so. User need to locate the location where the suite directory is present in the web server. In most cases, it is present in the root directory of the web server. Once location is identified, user needs to unzip the file and provide permission for it.