How online reputation management is synonymous with SEO

Search engine reputation management is a new industry growing at a reasonable rate. The public who need the service are not even aware a thing like reverse SEO can be done. It is important to be a thought leader in the space to build trust with your customers.

In order to get negative on the search engines pushed down, it is like you are doing SEO on a lot of different assets. Organic SEO can take a long time to do but it is possible with some patience. Google has some triggers in place to figure out where people will try to fool it. Companies offering these services often have to educate the customer as to how much time it would take to realistically get the work done without getting punished by search engines.Image result for How online reputation management is synonymous with SEO

Aside from opening social media pages and updating them regularly, another easy way to improve your SEO results is with the use of PPC. As a side note, people prefer SEO to PPC because it will serve long-term benefits of showing up high on search engines. PPC stands for pay-per-click and it is a way to pay Google to be at the top given a certain keyword. For example, if you want to be seen at the top of Google for the keyword “hair salon Springfield”, you will have to bid on the phrase. Every time someone clicks on it, you would have to pay Google the agreed upon price. Not everyone will convert but the lifetime value of a customer might just cover your costs.

There is also the added benefit of increasing visibility on the search engine result page. If you normally show up on the third page for a phrase customers usually type, it will take quite some time to optimize your site to appear on the first page. That even depends on if you know how to do SEO on your website. If not, you have to find someone who does and in this day and age, everyone is claiming they are SEO specialists.

If you start using PPC right away, you will start collecting data you would not have access to if you were focusing on SEO alone. The cost of PPC does add up every time someone click on your add but you are receiving valuable information on how many clicks you get for a certain keyword, where the traffic is coming from and what time of day to they seach.