How Online Reputation Management Can Help Your Business Be Successful

Online reputations aren’t just for negative comments anymore. There are a wealth of ways to use online reputation management to promote a company’s new products and services.

Many Fortune 500 companies have already utilized online reputation management to promote their brands and services. Organizations and institutions have improved their digital presence with management teams focused on online reviews, comments, and social media posts.

Online reputation management is the task of maintaining an online image. An online image includes several aspects like the company’s web page, online reviews, search engine optimization (SEO), social media mentions and posts, and the company’s ranking on search pages.

There are three aspects of online reputation management. The first relates solely to internet presence. That includes how many times the company is listed on various directories and lead programs and how often it’s mentioned on Twitter and in news articles. A strong presence indicates to consumers that the company is legitimate and well known.

The second aspect of online reputation management is branding. This relates to the image that the company projects to consumers. Most marketers agree that branding needs to be consistent throughout marketing campaigns and online links. Things like different logos, slogans, and statements can show an inconsistency that makes people skeptical. On the opposite end, a strong, consistent branding campaign can add tremendously to your online reputation and bring in new clients.

The third aspect of reputation management is promotion through online reviews. Most people think of negative reviews as the only aspect of reputation management. A negative review is a big deal. One negative review can cost a company up to 22 percent of business while three negative reviews can cost a company 59 percent of potential business.

However, positive reviews are a part of reputation management as well and can play an even larger role. More than 90 percent of consumers use online search engines to find services and products. Approximately 70 percent of all purchasing decisions are based, in part or in whole, on online reviews. Positive reviews can be a company’s biggest asset.

Many entrepreneurs try to handle their online reputations themselves. That is mostly because they are watching their money and are afraid that hiring a reputation management company will cost too much with too few results. The problem with doing reputation management on your own is a lack of time and knowledge to handle it correctly and quickly.

Hiring an online reputation management company could actually amount to more customers, so it could pay for itself. A good reputation management company will get the company’s name and brand in multiple places and placed higher online and can bring a company more positive reviews. All of that will mean more dollars added to the bottom line. It is truly an investment more than an expense.

Picking the right online reputation management company can be daunting. A key aspect of a great company is its ability to move as your needs change. Online presence and reputations can change rapidly with new information. A company that can quickly address issues and be flexible to make last-minute strategy changes is the one that will serve your company well.

Online reputation management is something that a company shouldn’t dismiss. It is an important aspect that can positively impact your business, so hiring a reputation management company is something to carefully consider.