How to Get ITIL 4 Certified After Getting ITIL 3 Foundation

Today, it is understandable that business and technology are inseparable, and in order to remain competitive, companies need to be able to develop their IT goals and knowledge, no matter how complex the process. Of course, such a change cannot begin with a blank image, and the development of information services must be guided by an understanding of the process and practice of managing a business. Otherwise, the IT process management process will inevitably lead to a waste of time and money and will offer competitors the opportunity to attract customers with a more efficient offer.

Information Technology- Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

ITIL is known for improving and raising the procedure of managing services based on information technology. It aims to help companies manage risk, support business relationships with customers, and likewise work on practices based on cost-effectiveness. Competency organization provides candidates with relative flexibility in different ITIL sectors and areas, in addition, the opportunity with the intention to target the piece of study on the core zones. Applicants of the I.T.I.L-Foundation v-3 are advised to go directly for the I.T.I.L-Foundation 4 in order to improve their further abilities and likewise skills. In short, ITIL is an expert in the continuous development of information services. ITIL’s main strength lies in its versatility. The methods are scalable and flexible to give organizations maximum access. 

However, it is important to remember that ITIL is not based on a specific business model, but rather based on shared work experience. It has been applied in many industries, mainly because almost all industries depend on computer science in one way or another. The structure of the library provides best practices for the provision of information technology services, together with a systematic approach to managing information services. ITIL-4, released by Axelos earlier this year, has been updated to focus more on maintaining IT service management, flexibility, flexibility, and innovation while helping older systems and structures. ITIL-4 will adapt the ITIL foundation certification system and ITIL-3 certificates will remain valid and ITIL-4 levels introduced in 2019. Primary or occupational therapists are recommended. on major ITIL-3 certificates.

However, continue with ITIL-4 and continue with ITIL-3 projects until the next level of Level 4 ITIL certification this year. The system of ITIL foundation certification is supposed to be divided into several categories and entities, ranging from service methods to retraining, allowing practitioners to not only adapt to changing IT services but also to prepare for future changes. This can help increase the company’s sustainable productivity and create a better and more stable business experience. The first available ITIL 4 certification will be at the Foundation level on February 28, 2019, and the next levels are expected in 2019/2020. The ITIL 4 certification system is compatible with ITIL v3 and has been simplified to give practitioners clear opportunities to continue their ITIL journey.

Phases of ITIL-3 Certification

Although Axelos has announced and issued new ITIL-4 certificates, ITIL v-3 certificates will continue to be relevant and accessible to experts next year. Therefore, the final phase of the ITIL-4 certification program is not ready for launch before 2020. If you are on your way to an ITIL v-3 certification, it is a good idea to continue with these benefits as they lead to an ITIL-4 certification. according to the certification system. But the eligibility system uses the ITIL v-3 loan system, known as the ITIL credit system. However, all ITILs and related credit system functions are assigned specific IT analyzes. The applicant has a higher certification when applying for these units. Finally, there are 22 credits for obtaining an ITIL foundation certification respectively. In addition, there is a special ITIL master qualification kit; and applicants must be certified as an ITIL Specialist before being granted ITIL status.

Way to ITIL-4 Certification

The ITIL-4 certification system is similar to the ITIL-3 certification system, but it is simplified so there are two main paths between the seven sections and you need to move from basic management to administration. professional or strategic manager (SM). However, you will be able to take each course, or if you decide to take both, you will receive a basic ITIL foundation certification. Therefore, the baseline is designed as an introduction to ITIL-4, which gives you an overview of the IT management system using a complete business model to create, deliver and continually improve. service-related expertise and technologies.

How to Switch from ITIL v-3 to ITIL 4?

Do you have ITIL v-3 certification from one or more manufacturers and are you looking for the best way to upgrade your ITIL-4? ITIL-4 for management training for candidate ITIL v-3 or 17 points for v-3 owners. The transition course, however, covers the key components of the ITIL foundation certification, which includes mandatory training and testing that will allow applicants to transition from existing requirements to the new ITIL-4 certification system. Therefore, at the end of this module, the candidate will appoint a Head of ITIL. Although a major ITIL-4 certification has already been announced, it is expected that advanced modules and parameters will not be available until the end of 2019; Therefore, ITIL-Master should be launched by 2020.

However, ITIL-4 is also compatible with ITIL-3. If you are working on a v-3 certification, Axelos recommends that you continue along this path to obtain an ITIL foundation certification. However, ITIL-3 certification courses are ranked according to the level of ITIL content. As a result, the value of ITIL certification training remains the same. However, if you have a v-3 certification or are still training ITIL professionals, do the right thing and do not wait for ITIL-4 certification to begin. Units with 17 units or candidates with ITIL-3 certification will receive ITIL transition units 4. However, the purpose of this unit is to allow candidates to become familiar with the new version 4 of ITIL transition.