How to Retrieve Data from your broken iPhone?

Your iPhone slipped from your hand, and its screen is shattered. We understand the first thing you panic about is losing the important data on your iPhone. Data backup can help prevent losing data if your phone breaks. A lot of mobile phones break every day, and yet it is one of the most disappointing fate anyone of us could face at some point. Your iPhone could be replaced or fixed always, but the data stored on it is invaluable.

Importance of backing up your iPhone: 

Backing up your device regularly can save your money, time, stress, and a lot of hassle if your phone breaks.

There are many ways for backing up Apple iPhone

iCloud storage:

  • iCloud storage provides auto backup so long if the correct settings are turned on, and there is sufficient storage space on the device.
  • To prevent wasting space, ensure you select the type of data you want to be stored in your iCloud, for example, emails, pictures, contacts, etc.
  • The data stored in the cloud can be retrieved by logging into your iCloud account on the computer.

iTunes Storage: 

  • For backing up your device using iTunes, you should connect the device to a computer, open iTunes, where you will be asked to select the device you want to backup.
  • iTunes will automatically use your computer as a backup device.
  • When you go to retrieve data, you should access the same computer.

Retrieving data from water damaged phone: 

If your phone falls in the water and your screen goes blank, you must take the appropriate steps to have the best chances of retrieving the data. Don’t try to ON your iPhone right away. Put your phone in a plastic bag with Silica gel packets. Never use a hairdryer on your device this can cause water to penetrate deeper into the phone and automatically cause more damage to it. Take your phone to a professional iPhone 8 screen repair Sydney that will help fix it and retrieve the data.

How to deal with an iPhone with a broken screen?

When your iPhone hits the ground, and its screen becomes cracked, it is tough to access the information in your phone. In some cases, the screen is cracked, yet the phone remains usable, so people tend to use it. However, there are cases when the phone is completely unresponsive to touch when the screen breaks.

In such a case, it is wise to discuss with professional iPhone 8 screen repair Sydney to fix your screen. The professionals in iPhone screen replacement Sydney will help fix your screen and also backup the data you have in it.

Most of us nowadays have precious photographs and essential contacts on our phone, and thus it is imperative to get data backup. So before handling your phone to professionals at iPhone repairs Sydney for fixing the screen, make sure you get the data backup.