How to Use PS4 USB Storage Device Datasheet

The PlayStation 4 obtained the fiercely anticipated Yukimura upgrade, likewise known as firmware 2.50. It was vital for a host of factors, the most essential of which is the capacity of backing up the whole components of the PS4, which contains even the game installs. You can keep track of the PS4 USB storage device datasheet.

This will assist if you ever require to re-install a game — some of which, like Grand Theft Automobile V weighs in at around 40GB. With the new upgrade, you won’t have to re-download any of your electronically purchased games; if you decide to update your PS4’s hard disk to something more significant than the existing 500GB it comes with. It can also serve if you have deleted a game to make the area on your console, as well as want to play it again.

You’ll require a USB pen drive or exterior disk drive to save your existing information from your PlayStation 4. Try these steps to support, as well as restore your data:

  • Format the USB storage space device
  • Plugin a USB hard drive to your Windows PC
  • Right-click, pick Format
  • Pick the exFAT option.
  • For the allotment device size alternative, choose the maximum possible worth listed in the drop-down selection
  • Back up information for video games


  • Games Data Backup
  • Connect the USB storage space tool to the system
  • From the function display, select Setups > System > Back up as well as Bring back.
  • Choose Back Up PS4
  • Press X to checkmark the checkbox for saving Applications
  • Your PS4 will now reactivate, as well as move all the data. Relying on the quantity of data, it might take a couple of hours to longer than a day
  • Now You Will Be Able to Duplicate the Information You Had Before to the PS4 After You Switch It on
  • Bear in mind, you should be checked in with the exact same PSN account utilized when you initially replicated the saved data
  • Attach the USB storage space tool you used to support games to the system
  • From the display, choose Setups, then Application Saved Data Management, then Saved Data on USB Storage Device, and then Copy to System Storage
  • Select a title
  • Press X to add a checkmark in the checkbox for the conserved data you wish to replicate, and then choose replicate